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My Coterie order (Butter London) finally arrived!

Well, it seems like it took forever, but my Coterie order arrived yesterday!

As you might remember, a couple of weeks ago I told you about the new members-only flash sale site Coterie, which features beauty deals on top brands like Butter London and Stila. At the time they were featuring a deal on Butter London polishes, plus a massive intro promo code, so I had to place an order. Seriously, I got these polishes for about $4 a pop, even with the shipping thrown in–compare that to $14 apiece at a store like ULTA.

Anyway, I’ve been impatiently waiting for my order to arrive, and it finally showed up, so I wanted to tell you what I thought about it!

First, I wasn’t impressed with the packaging. I’m a bit of a shipping/packaging snob, and I prefer that any breakable beauty items like nail polish be padded to the max. My polishes were loosely wrapped in a single sheet of bubble wrap and were rattling around in the package–not good. I wasn’t pleased, but none of them were damaged, so I guess I’ll let it slide…for now.

Second, I think they could have been a bit more timely. I did hear that shipping was backed up due to the high volume of orders, and that packages might not ship out for five to ten days–but I heard this secondhand from another blogger, not from Coterie itself. I got an e-mail to confirm that my order had been placed, but I didn’t get any of those nice little e-mail reminders telling you that your order has been delayed, that your order has been shipped, etc. etc., which I found annoying.

I suppose I’m just nitpicky! On a side note I placed orders with Urban Decay and Julep Maven at the same time as my Coterie order and both shipped quite quickly, so it seemed a bit laggy of Coterie to ship soooooo slowly.

Third, the packaging was all-around no-frills: no special boxes, no colored paper, just a single fancy greeting card welcoming me to Coterie and an order sheet (shown). I can’t really find fault with the presentation, and on the bright side, the order sheet does include a helpful full set of return instructions and a pre-printed return label.

Fourth: my Butter London polish bottles have the Leaping Bunny logo on them! At first I thought my eyes deceived me, because they aren’t listed on LB’s company list online. (They are PETA-listed.) I sent an e-mail to Leaping Bunny to clarify the matter and will share their response (if any) here on the blog when (if?) I get it. When I stopped into ULTA today I saw that none of their Butter London polishes had this logo, so I’m a bit confused as to why my Coterie bottles would feature it and not the regular stock at a beauty supply store. If this is an add-on by Coterie you can be sure they’re going to hear about it! Stay tuned…

Now, the polishes: I ordered Bluey, Knackered, and Wallis, along with the P. D. Hardwear Quick Dry Top Coat (not shown).

I’m really excited to try out these polishes and will definitely post swatches as soon as I can! I’m thinking of swatching Knackered over my current manicure in Julep Toni to see what it looks like, and then moving on to straight swatches from there.


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