Indie organic brand to try: Sunny Girl Organics

Love organic skin care? Love indie brands? Then you should check out Sunny Girl Organics! Reader Sheena Mariee gave me the heads-up about this little skincare brand, based out of New York and selling a variety of organic and vegetarian goods like body wash, lotion, and lip balm.

Sunny Girl has a great deal available that lets you try three product samples for the very low price of $2.95, with no additional fee for shipping! You get to choose your own samples, so I decided to try a body wash, lotion, and scrub.

My order arrived pretty quickly. I’m not sure why, but a fourth item was included in my order: a lemongrass spray mist, made of essential lemongrass oil. I don’t know if this was a special bonus or what. I’m guessing this is a mini of the lemongrass spray mist that’s sold as a natural insect repellant; it’s made of distilled water and lemongrass oil, and the 8-oz. bottle retails for $9.99.  This product is vegan!
You can see that my Lemongrass Body Wash sample is in fact not a sample, but a deluxe or travel size sample–two ounces!! This is also lemongrass scented; a 16-oz. bottle sells for $13.99.

As you can see from the ingredients label on the back, the body wash is all-natural and vegan! If you don’t know what lemongrass smells like, be warned: it’s not for the faint of heart. I can smell it without opening the bottle. Some people compare it to citronella, which I suppose is true, but I think this is more pleasant than a mosquito candle. It is however very strong, so I would definitely suggest sampling it before going full-size, especially if you don’t typically like strong scents.

Finally I sampled their Lemon Lavender Hand & Body Scrub ($10.99/six ounces) and their Lavender Body Lotion ($9.99/eight ounces). Both of these arrived in tiny pots and are strong-smelling as well, though in the best, most natural way possible. Both are vegan.

In fact, as far as I can tell, all of the products offered by Sunny Girl are vegetarian, and all of them are vegan except for their lip balms (containing beeswax) and their Anti-Wrinkle Creme (containing honey). The icing on the cake: all of these products are affordable! Finding a company that’s vegetarian/vegan, organic, and affordable can be difficult, so I’m pretty happy to add Sunny Girl to my shopping list!

If you want to try Sunny Girl for yourself, click here to go to their e-commerce site or click here to order your own sample kit!

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