Month: October 2012

Random Thursdays: All Things Halloween

It’s Thursday, and you all know what that means…

I can’t believe the month is almost over already! It seems like the time has really flown by. :(

I finally got all of the pieces together for my Halloween costume, and just in the nick of time, too! I’ll definitely be posting pictures for you lovely readers next week. I’m really excited because this is the first year that I’ll get to stay home and hand out candy to trick or treaters (I’ve worked in previous years).

Speaking of candy, I need to buy some of that, too! I try to buy it at the last second so i won’t be tempted to eat it all myself! :D

I don’t really do the whole decorating thing. I don’t have the time, I don’t have the storage space, and…I don’t know…I just don’t get into it. Christmas? I decorate for Christmas. But for Halloween, it feels sort of pointless. I’m not going to do anything with the pumpkins afterward, and like I said, I don’t have room to store anything more elaborate. So I just pass. That doesn’t stop me from bookmarking decorating ideas on Pinterest, though!

Influenster Beauty Blogger Vox Box Fall 2012!

I received my Influenster Beauty Blogger Vox Box 2012, and I’m so excited! It has so many great products in it that I can’t wait to try. Want to see them all? Of course you do!

The first item in the box was a Bath and Body Works Mini Candle ($3.50) in Pumpkin Cupcake. Unfortunately my candle was broken, but it still smells really good! There’s also a coupon to get a three-wick candle (the big kind!) for $10, which is a savings of about 50%. If you want to get your own three-wick candle, you can use this coupon code at “F126566”. This coupon code expires October 28, 2012, so don’t wait!

I’m going to pick up a candle (or two…or three…) this week, so look for a review soon!

Next up was an E-Boost orange drink packet ($28/20 packets). I haven’t sampled this yet but I imagine it’s like Emergen-C, with a little added caffeine. I’ll review this sometime this week after I try it, just in case you lovely readers are interested.

I got two full-sized cosmetic products in my box, too! Super happy dance! The first was a Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit ($5.99), made from 100% human hair and accompanied by latex-free glue. Because of the broken glass and the fact that this package wasn’t sealed, I’m not sure if I’ll use these lashes; I need to look more closely and make sure there’s no glass or glass dust in the lashes, obviously. But they do look lush and lovely!

I also got a NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact ($4.99) in a limited edition color, Dark Shadows. The palette contains primer, highlighter, and four shadows ranging from white to black to create a classic smoky eye. Unfortunately I’m not sure if NYC is cruelty-free or not, so until I hear back from them, I’m going to just set this aside and admire it.

Lastly, I got two hair products. I’m a major fan of hair samples because I’m kind of lazy about researching the best products for my hair type! One was a Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin ($7.29), which I’ve been eyeballing at the drugstore anyway and am super-excited to use. This was probably the best item in the box, in my opinion. Definitely look for a review of this soon!

The other hair item was a deluxe 1.5 ounce travel sample of Not Your Mother’s Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream ($6/4 oz.). With coconut and silk protein, this cream is designed to leave your hair straight and silky. Again, I’m not sure if this brand is cruelty-free, so I’m waiting to hear from them before I test this product! I really hope they’re not testing on animals, because this smells delicious and I’d really love to try and review it.

Overall, this is a pretty kickin’ beauty box. The overall value is almost $27 ($37 if you count that awesome BBW candle code). That’s not the only thing that makes this box such a beauty, though: the products inside are full or deluxe-sized, they’re from affordable and popular brands, and they’re products that people might actually want to repurchase for themselves later on. No single use shampoo packets or fancy plastic travel bags here!

Want to learn more about Influenster? Check out my blog post here or visit their website here.

Want to see a video of the unboxing with my thoughts on the various products? Check it out on my YouTube channel!

Disclaimer: I received these products courtesy of Influenster for review purposes; however this does not affect my honest opinions or reviews of the products.

Little Bear the cat is in a new YouTube video!

For those of you who have been tracking the progress of Little Bear the cat, here is a YouTube video about him! The YouTube page has all of the links to Little Bear’s Facebook, his ChipIn, and his entries in TWO (yes, two!) photo contests.

Little Bear was born without the radii in his front legs, which means they are permanently bent and he is unable to walk like a normal kitten. His owner Allie is trying to raise money to afford surgery or orthopedics to correct Little Bear’s legs so he can have a normal life.

Please watch and share this video with everyone you know! Little Bear (and I!) thank you!

Accessory Friday: cute fingerless gloves

How adorable are these fingerless panda gloves? I mean, come on! They’ve got pandas on them, one of my favorite animals! Now I just need to find some with kitties, penguins, polar bears, and all the other adorable animals I love so much.

Panda Fingerless Gloves, $5.80, Forever 21

Some new Zoya polishes to show you…

Just wanted to show you the three Zoya polishes I picked up when I was at ULTA on Sunday. I got Daul, Fei Fei, and Evvie.

Obviously I’ve seen tons of swatches of Fei Fei and heard tons of buzz about this color, so I had to try it. It’s a blue-gold shimmer polish. Daul looks like a lovely purple-gold duchrome, so that should be interesting. And Evvie changes from slate grey to ivy green depending on the light, so of course I had to buy her, too. There were too many good colors to pick from, honestly, but I’m pretty happy with these three!

Random Thursdays: Things I Love About Fall

It’s Thursday, which means it must be time for…

This week’s topic:

Well, I actually just wrote a post about my favorite fall things yesterday! But I certainly don’t mind revisiting the subject of autumn and favorite things. I have so many.

I love the food: pies, hearty soups, hot chocolate, fresh cookies.

I love the clothes: boots, corduroy jeans, cozy sweaters, cute hats, comfy jackets, scarves galore.

I love the sights and smells; the way the leaves change color, the way the wind smells different. I love the way leaves crunch underfoot.

I love that it’s not too hot and not too cold.

I love that the weather is the perfect excuse I need to spend my free time snuggling under a fluffy blanket with a cup of tea and a good book.

I love apple everything: pie, cider, donuts, applesauce, or just fresh orchard apples.

What do you love about fall?