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    Product reviews: NYX Eye Shadow Base in White and NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencils

    Here’s a very belated review of a couple of the products I bought last month from ULTA’s NYX sale (which you can read about here). I really hate to badmouth products without lots of testing, so when I try a product and just don’t love it (or really, really dislike it) I try to wait a while and test it out a few more times, just to see if my original opinion will change.

    For one of these products, it definitely didn’t.

    I have to say, I’m a huge fan of drugstore makeup. I’ve found some amazing bargains at the drugstore and would never swap those products for more expensive dupes. That said, NYX is sort of hit and miss for me. I loved the Shine Killer (you can read my review here) but really wasn’t impressed with the Jumbo Lip Pencils (read about those here). Now it’s on to the eye shadow pencils and primer pot, and once again, my feelings are mixed. So without further ado, let’s get right into the product reviews.

    The product: NYX Eye Shadow Base White, $6.99

    The claim: “Maximize the intensity, longevity and unashamed brilliance of your eye shadow…creates a smooth canvas for color, increases its durability and prevents fallout.” (From their website)

    I tried it: As you can see from my swatches, this is a stark white primer, so you’ll want to blend it in well and let it set for a moment before adding any color over the top or else the color doesn’t apply correctly. This seems to be a pretty generously-sized primer pot and it would appear that a little goes a long way.

    My big problem with this product is that the colors really don’t seem to be “intensified”. As you can see in the swatch below, I have stripes of the NYX cream shadows and of some Physician’s Formula powder shadows (top) running down my arm. The left side has the primer; the right is bare skin. Can you tell a difference? I can’t. Any increased intensity in the color is minimal at best.

    I’m not sure about the power of this primer to prevent budging or creasing because I don’t get creases on my forearms (duh). I don’t feel like it really gives the shadow all that much protection against smearing, though.

    My verdict: Pass. I’m really disappointed; I thought this would make my eye shadow colors really pop, but I can’t see that much of a difference with or without the primer. I’m glad I got it on sale, because it’s certainly not worth a whole seven dollars.

    The product: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil, in 28 shades; $4.50

    The claim: “A radiant eye liner that also doubles as an eye shadow…glide on effortlessly—no pulling, tugging or fading.” (From their website)

    I tried it: First, allow me to praise the intensity of the colors and the sheer jaw-dropping gorgeous hue selection. These are eye shadow colors as they were meant to be: rich, luscious, and utterly amazing. The colors are just as intense and gorgeous on your skin as they are in the pencils.

    That said, as with the Jumbo Lip Pencils, there’s very little product in each pencil; what you see in the tip is what you get, so I recommend grabbing them on sale. ULTA often offers these at 40% off and while that seems fair, $5 is a bit high, in my opinion.

    These pencils have a very silky glide and go on with ease, but they’re almost too slippery. As with the lip pencils, I blame all of the added mineral oil; the color slides around on your lids and creases easily. You can blend it out with a brush and top it with colored powder to help it stay put, but then you lose the jewel-box intensity that made you buy the pencil in the first place. It’s a Catch-22.

    This is not just a problem when using the pencils for shadow; as a liner, they’re terrible. You can line your upper lash line with a flick of the wrist, but when you blink, you’ll transfer a thin line of that pencil to your crease. Primers, waiting for the pencil to dry, and topping with powder do little to lessen this effect.

    My verdict: I’m so disappointed! I love these colors and would buy one in every shade if only they stayed put–but they don’t. If you’re doing Halloween makeup or something special like that, then they’d be a great cheapie buy for added color and ease of use; you can seriously doodle all over your face with these. But for everyday wear, they’re a letdown, and I doubt I’ll repurchase them.

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    Mini product review: E-Boost

    Earlier this week I showed you guys my awesome Influenster Beauty Bloggers VoxBox, packed with beauty booty like false lashes, hair cream, and that lovely Bath and Body Works mini candle. One of the items in the box was an E-Boost drink packet, which I decided to writer up as a mini-review for those of you who watching or read about the unboxing and were curious about the product. (Disclaimer: this product was sent to me for review by Influenster; however I was not paid for this review and the free sample does not alter my honest opinion of the product in any way.)

    Product: E-Boost effervescent powders, in orange, pink lemonade, acai pomegranate, or super berry; $28 for a box of 20 powders or $39 for a box of 30 powders

    The claim: “Boost your mood, focus, and immunity with natural ingredients and no crash.” (From my VoxBox card)

    I tried it: If you’ve ever tried the Emergen-C drink packets, then this product should look familiar. It’s basically the same thing–a mixable drink powder packed with vitamins to boost your energy and immunity–but with an added kick of caffeine.

    I’m not really a huge fan of Emergen-C simply because I don’t care for the taste of the drink mixes. The E-Boost packet was slightly more palatable and had less of a carbonated taste/texture to it.

    I did feel like this gave me a boost for my day; I definitely had more energy and I got a lot done in a short period of time!

    My verdict: If you like Emergen-C, you’d like this, too. I personally won’t re-purchase it simply because I’m not a fan of this type of drink mix–I’d rather pop a vitamin tablet–but if you do like vitamin drink mixes, then it’s a nice upgrade from regular to turbo.

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    Random Thursdays: All Things Halloween

    It’s Thursday, and you all know what that means…

    I can’t believe the month is almost over already! It seems like the time has really flown by. :(

    I finally got all of the pieces together for my Halloween costume, and just in the nick of time, too! I’ll definitely be posting pictures for you lovely readers next week. I’m really excited because this is the first year that I’ll get to stay home and hand out candy to trick or treaters (I’ve worked in previous years).

    Speaking of candy, I need to buy some of that, too! I try to buy it at the last second so i won’t be tempted to eat it all myself! :D

    I don’t really do the whole decorating thing. I don’t have the time, I don’t have the storage space, and…I don’t know…I just don’t get into it. Christmas? I decorate for Christmas. But for Halloween, it feels sort of pointless. I’m not going to do anything with the pumpkins afterward, and like I said, I don’t have room to store anything more elaborate. So I just pass. That doesn’t stop me from bookmarking decorating ideas on Pinterest, though!