Product review: NYX Shine Killer Foundation Primer

I have a real love-hate relationship with face products, and finding one that I love enough to recommend as a must-have is rare. In fact, I often skip the face makeup and just go with eyes or lips, simply because my skin is so picky.

However, like everyone else, I deal with lots of skin problems that can make going bare-faced daunting: breakouts, shine, redness, etc. And with fall’s crop of vampy lip makeup, I really want to be able to wear foundation so that I can nail the lip trend properly. To do that, however, I need a primer: I have combo-oily skin, so while I tend to have shine issues anyway, applying foundation solo means my face will turn into an oil slick by midday.

Hence, when I saw this NYX primer on sale at ULTA, I jumped at the chance to try it.

Product: NYX Shine Killer Foundation Primer, $13

Claim: “Apply this nourishing Vitamin E formulated invention prior to your usual makeup routine to assist your makeup to be more long-lasting and flawless throughout the day. This marvel eliminates the appearance of oil and shine keeping your face matte!” (from their website)

I tried it: Like I said, I have combo-oily skin, and my face is inevitably slick and shiny by midday. It gets worse when I apply foundation. I really hate to use an excessive amount of powder, though, because a) it accentuates any dry spots on my face, b) it accentuates any fine lines, and c) I think it just looks really obvious and fake.

I finally turned to primers as a solution to disguise my pores, control the shine, and make my make-up “stick”. The trouble? Some primers control the shine and soften my pores but do little to prolong the wear of my makeup. Others don’t manage to control the shine, and might even seem to worsen it. And lots of primers make me break out like crazy the next day, even if I’m a good girl and wash my face before bed.

I hadn’t tried NYX before I picked up the Shine Killer, so I wasn’t really sure how I’d like this product. First, I have to note that the packaging is nice; a tube is more sanitary than a jar.

The primer has a middling consistency that’s not too firm or too runny, and not at all sticky. It has a very velvety feel and gives my skin a soft-focus effect that softens my pores and smooths my skin without looking matte. I also feel like this helped to soften the fine lines around my eyes. Even if I skipped foundation, I would probably use this primer solo as a base just to help smooth my skin and make it look a little nicer!

As for oil control, it definitely lives up to its name: I applied in the morning and was still shine-free by evening, even without blotting! I’m super-happy with that fact, since it was my main concern when purchasing this product. Also making me happy: my foundation wore much longer than normal.

Here’s the real icing on the cake: I forgot to take off my makeup before bed (I know! Shame on me!) and I still didn’t break out from using this product. Do you think I ever got away with that with my old L’Oreal primer? No way. One of the biggest reasons I skip wearing primers and foundations is that they can make me break out super bad, so the fact that this one didn’t make me break out gives it major brownie points all by itself.

My vote: Buy it! I love this primer and as an added bonus, you can often find it on sale at ULTA, so it works out to be one of the cheaper primers on the market. This will definitely be added to my Holy Grail beauty list!

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  1. I am always tempted to try the NYX primers, but they seem so expensive. That sounds incredibly stupid since every other primer I have tried was probably at least $10 more! :) I guess it just seems like a lot next to their $4 lipsticks :) Now I’m going to have to try it!

    1. It does seem like a lot, doesn’t it? With the 40% off sale it was $7.80 which I thought was much more reasonable! Plus, whenever I go to ULTA, I print out their store coupons to save even more on my hauls.

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