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Get the Look: Taylor Swift on the November cover of Glamour

I decided to start posting my “Get the look” magazine cover rundown according to the month on the magazine, not the month in which I receive it. It seems odd to be posting September covers in August, and October covers in September, and so on and so forth. Also, I often don’t get to sit down and read the magazines as soon as they land in my mailbox, and I feel a little weird offering you guys fashion suggestions when I haven’t even opened the darn magazine!

We’ll start with Taylor Swift on the November cover of Glamour magazine. I was kind of surprised, though not displeased, to see Taylor rocking her natural curls again after so months courting the straightening iron. (Though I did see she returned to straight hair for the cover of another ladies’ mag recently.)


It would seem that the color red is really big right now, because I’ve seen several magazines with cover stars sporting the shade. Obviously, it’s also a personal color for Taylor, who just dropped a new album titled Red. I really love that Taylor went with short nails and a lined red lip here; I think it’s more classy and chic than long nails and a super-glossy pout. She finished it off with just the right amount of volumizing black mascara.

The combo of a sparkly sequin top and a red skirt is very holiday. I could see her wearing red pumps with this, just to carry on with the color! The single gold bracelet is a nice way to pick up on the top without going overboard in the bling department.

1. Mossimo tank with gold sequins, $24.99, Target
2. Merona Red Skinny Belt, $12.99, Target
3. Brash Kosmic Platform Pumps, $34.99, Payless
4. Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in Cinnamon, $1, drugstores
5. Wet n Wild Mega Last Nail Color in I Red A Good Book, $3, drugstores
6. Full Tilt Hi Low Skirt, $17.97, Tilly’s
7. Rhinestoned Bracelet, $4.80, Forever 21


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