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Jewelry I want this week: inspired by…

I didn’t write my regular ‘Inspiration Saturday’ post this week because, after the exhaustion of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired. Today, though, I’ll show you a few pieces of jewelry I’m hankering after, and the inspiration behind them!

Can you guess why these three items are grouped together?

I’m really feeling wild and different jewelry lately, and all three of these pieces make me think of one of my favorite literary heroines…Daenerys Targaryen. Amazon just started taking pre-orders for season two of Game of Thrones and I’m impatiently tapping my foot until A Dance With Dragons hits stores in paperback, so Dany has been at the front of my mind.

These pieces of jewelry all make me think of Dany the Khaleesi, her Khal (am I the only one who cried when he died?), her horse, and her independent spirit. I suppose at this point it would be appropriate to move on to finding some dragon-themed jewelry…stay tuned!

Moon and Stars Pendant from Bear and Mojo, six pounds, Girls and Horses ring from Lulu’s, $12, Ear Cuff with Feathers Set from Claire’s, $12.50,

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