Random Thursdays: Top 5 Must Read Blogs

It’s time for another edition of Random Thursday!

I follow tons of beauty and fashion blogs. I haven’t counted recently but I know the list is getting pretty long! Picking just five is hard, and of course there are lots of new blogs that I discover through the #bbloggers chats to add to my list, so I’m trying to recap my favorite blogs of the week each Sunday or Monday for you guys to read and enjoy! For now, here are five blogs I come back to on a regular basis week after week…
  1. MakeUp Guinea Pig. You guys know that I’m all about cruelty-free beauty, so it’s great to find another cruelty-free blogger to follow! 
  2. Paperbacks and Polish. I’m a polish hoarder lover and a bookworm, so this blog is the best of both worlds to me. Even if you don’t like books (in which case we cannot be friends–just kidding!), you’ll love the swatches.
  3. Shoes, Sushi and Spare Change. Another mix of fashion and beauty; on top of recreating high-end fashion looks at High Street prices, Kate also tosses in the occasional cruelty-free beauty post.
  4. Hello Miss Niki. If you’re looking for reviews and unboxings with plenty of photos, this is the place to go. (She’s on YouTube as well, for those of you who like videos with your written posts!) I like that she’s really in-depth with her reviews
  5. Miranda’s Makeup & More. I live in a small(ish) town where beauty and fashion aren’t necessarily hot topics, so it’s nice to check in with another blogger in a small(ish) town! Miranda has a mix of fashion and beauty posts including budget beauty reviews and unboxings of her monthly beauty subscriptions.
So there are my top five! Like I said, it’s really hard to pick just five, and I’m going to keep giving you guys a link list at the start of each week with my favorite new posts. What are your favorite five blogs to read? Any I should know about? Tell me in the comments!!


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