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    Random Thursdays: All Things Christmas


    (This is going to be a pretty short post, because I’ve got a ton to do today!)

    Well, Christmas is less than a week away. That’s a good thing, because I’m getting itchy fingers and can’t wait to open my presents!

    I have so much to do today, it’s a little overwhelming. For starters, I need to do all of my baking. I want to get a box of cookies in the mail as a last-minute gift for my grandma, who is 85 and has been ill all autumn; I know she won’t be baking for herself, so I think an assorted box of treats would be a nice surprise for her! Thank goodness for USPS Flat Rate boxes–those suckers ship fast!

    I also have some last-minute cards and packages to put in the mail. Not gonna lie–as thrilled as I am that it finally snowed here, I’m not looking forward to going out in this weather to hit the post office!

    I somehow actually lucked into a three-day weekend for Christmas this year, so I will probably be sitting around the house in my yoga pants, noshing and relaxing with a stack of magazines. We don’t do the whole family get-together thing; our relatives are too far away and we’re usually too busy to travel. So I’m really looking forward to a peaceful weekend with the hubbby! Maybe we can even get out and enjoy the snow!

    Christmas really is my favorite holiday (I have a whole growing Pinterest board dedicated to it: http://pinterest.com/writergirlM/christmas-aka-my-favorite-holiday/), and even though I didn’t do a lot of decorating this year, I’m having fun pinning ideas for future holidays:

    Source: decoratinggallery.bhg.com via Martha on Pinterest


    I’m also cranking up the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on the stereo!

    Tell me, what are you doing this year for Christmas? I’d love to hear about it!

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    Me Myself and I link party #6: December 2012

    Once again, I forgot to actually post the MMI link party on Tuesday. (!!) I’m getting way too busy these days!

    1. What was your favorite gift given to you as a child? I remember getting lots of LEGOs, which I loved, along with baking supplies and an origami kit. Anything creative really piqued my interest!

    2. Christmas is almost here, what is one Christmas song you could listen to on repeat? I could actually listen to the entire Enya Christmas album And Winter Came, but I love this song in particular:

    I also really love the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and listen to their Christmas Eve and Other Stories album nonstop through the month of December! Here is one of my favorite songs from that album.

    3. What are a few of the items on your Christmas list this year? I had a hard time making a list–I don’t really need anything? I asked for a plant, an electric blanket, and dark chocolate, all of which I already received! Beyond that, I would love another kitty–but the husband already said no to that one!

    4. Do you and your family have any special holiday traditions? Not really. Now that I’m married, though, my husband and I have our own tradition: each year we go out shopping together for two new ornaments for the tree, one for him and one for me. We write the year on each ornament and then each December when we unpack the Christmas boxes we can look back at our ornaments and reminisce about what was going on in each year. It’s a ton of fun and much better than buying random ornaments that might not have any particular meaning behind them!

    5. Which do you prefer, wrapping paper or gift bags? Why? I prefer wrapping paper with ribbons and bows, but I’m a terrible and rather lazy wrapper, so I usually resort to gift bags!

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    Cute Shoe Monday: cap-toe pumps

    Are these shoes not amazing?! Target is actually carrying these in several different colors, including red, blue, green, and this shocking fuchsia. The red and fuchsia heels have gold-tone metal cap toes, while the blue and green have silver-tone cap toes.

    I want to add these to my closet ASAP, but we’re in the middle of some of the wettest, nastiest weather we’ve had all month, so my feet are firmly planted in boots! I might have to snap them up anyway and tuck them aside for the spring months–cute shoes at Target rarely stay on the shelf for very long!

    Viveca Blingy Heel, $32.99, Target

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    Product review: Wet n Wild MegaLash Clinical Serum and Mascara

    I just used up a couple of these tubes, and I promised I would try to get a full-length review onto the blog to cover the pros and cons of the formulas…so, here it is! I have a love-hate relationship with Wet n Wild products, so I was really curious to see what their “clinical” mascara products would be like. After all, they’re better known for producing cheapie color cosmetics than scientifically-engineered makeup! Read on for the full review.

    The product: Wet n Wild MegaLash Clinical Serum ($6.99) and Mascara ($4.99)

    The claim:Continue to apply every day and night for even longer, fuller-looking lashes. In just 4 weeks see longer, thicker, fuller-looking lashes.”

    I tried it: the serum: My first gripe right off the bat was the lack of a spoolie; instead, you get a wand with a stiff little brush. (The photo above is blurry, but you can vaguely see what I’m talking about.) While this brush might be great for applying the serum to your brows, it’s a disaster for applying to the lashes. More often than not, I wound up with product in my eye–and let me tell you, this stuff burns.

    I have to be honest and say that while I tried taking before and after photos, I didn’t see a huge difference. However…my lashes feel a little different. They seem less brittle, and I do think perhaps they look a touch more fluttery since they’re not breaking off and falling out. But I didn’t get the length and thickness I was hoping for.

    The verdict on the serum: Meh. I wouldn’t necessarily discourage you from trying this product, if you’re really really interested and catch it on sale–but I wouldn’t point it out to you, either. I’m sure it works well for some people–cosmetics often work great for some folks and not for others! But personally, I wasn’t that impressed–especially for the price–and I won’t be buying it again.

    I tried it: the mascara: This is one of those products that I fell madly in love with at first, only to be let down later on. This mascara gives me great, natural-looking lashes: not too long or thick, just dark and fluttery. The tube actually has that lovely narrow design that scrapes most of the mascara off the spoolie as you pull the brush out of the tube, so you don’t wind up with lashes full of clumps. And to top it all off, despite not being waterproof, this mascara stays put pretty well and doesn’t flake or smudge away during the course of the day.

    In other words: love, love, LOVE! That is…until I realized that the formula was only good for two months, maximum. After that, it turned almost gooey and rather clumpy. It no longer had the silky, cinch-to-apply consistency I loved.

    The verdict on the mascara: It’s worth a try, if you like a more natural lash look and toss your mascara every 1-2 months anyway. Personally, I push mine closer to the 4-6 month mark, so while this is a fab formula, it just isn’t quite right for me, and I probably won’t be buying it again.

    Do you guys like Wet n Wild products? Any mascara recommendations for me? I’m always on the lookout for new cruelty-free mascaras to try!

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    Accessory Friday: this too-cool detailed crossbody from ASOS

    Do you ladies poke about the ASOS U.S. site very much? I just discovered it today, and immediately fell in love with this crossbody bag. I love, love, love that horse detail! Sigh.

    A lot of the items on the ASOS site are above my budget, but they have a few surprising little gems…so I have a feeling I may be returning to “virtual window shop” in the future!

    ASOS Horse Across Body Bag, $30.78 (was $38.70), us.asos.com