Year: 2012

Random Thursdays: My Christmas Wishlist

Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner? Neither can I. I had trouble making a Christmas wishlist for the husband this year, mostly because when I want something for myself, I buy it–I don’t wait for him to buy it! But here are a few of the things I’m wishing for this year that I haven’t gotten around to purchasing for myself…

Turquoise and pink Converse All-Stars. I have a pair in black, but I’m itching for these colors too for some reason.

A yellow gown reminiscent of the one Anne Hathaway wears in the January 2013 issue of Glamour. I brought this up the other day in a post. I don’t know where I’d actually wear such a dress, but I imagine I’d be blissfully happy wearing it, wherever I went!

A shopping spree at Seriously, does it get any better than Zoya polish?
More scarves. Seriously, I cannot have enough scarves.
Gift cards to some of my favorite stores. I always tell my husband that I won’t be offended if he just gives me a gift card and sends me off to the mall for the day, but he never listens–he insists on picking out all of my gifts himself! I’m not complaining, though–he always picks out awesome gifts.
What are you guys wishing for this year? Tell me in the comments section below!

Nail Polish of the month: a holographic gold-purple

I have the loveliest nail polish for this month’s pick; it makes me immediately think of sugarplum fairies and holiday parties. It’s Zoya Daul, which was released as part of an autumn capsule collection but looks especially wintery thanks to a fine blend of gold microglitter. This polish has a holographic effect in any light.

While this polish looks dark in the bottle, it’s more of an orchid purple. The gold shimmer is almost impossible to accurately capture with a camera, but I’ve done my best. Enjoy!

Random Thursdays: My bizarre food combos…

Who’s glad that the week is almost over? Actually, mine is just beginning–but that’s okay, because I finally got some Christmas decorations up yesterday! Go me!
Okay, on to this week’s topic: bizarre food combos. I have a lot, all of which get me soundly teased…
  • Doritos and chocolate anything (syrup, sauce, pudding, ice cream) used as a dip.
  • Crackers with brick cheese and jam.
  • Crackers with brick cheese and apples.
  • Garlic bread with peanut butter or chocolate (or both) on top!
  • Pizza with pineapple and green peppers.
  • Salad with fruit in it. I’m talking mixed greens with Italian dressing and croutons, a few strips of vegetarian “chicken”, and then a serving of mandarin oranges, apples, berries, or some other type of fruit.
  • Scrambled eggs with ketchup.
  • Soft pretzels with mustard.

Sound bizarre enough for you? What bizarre food combinations do you like? Tell me in the comments section below!

Get the Look: Sofia Vergara on the November cover of Lucky magazine

One last celebrity look post for the month! Sofia Vergara showed off a sexy-meets-classic look on the November cover of Lucky magazine, and the good news is, her style is ridiculously simple to copy. In fact, you probably already have most of the elements in your closet now!

Here’s what you need: a red pencil skirt, a black camisole or bustier, a pink cardi, and killer black stiletto pumps. Oh, and a mega-watt smile, though I can’t recommend a place of purchase for that!
The finishing touch for Sofia’s smart ensemble? Her loose, touchable waves. A tight bun would give off a sexy secretary vibe, and not in a good way. The more casual hairdo–and the lack of jewelry–make this less of a costume and more of a doable date night look.

1. Scuba pencil skirt, $19.99, Charlotte Russe

2. Cropped cardigan, $13.80, Forever 21
3. Brash Kosmic platform pumps, $24.99, Payless
4. Cropped lace bustier, $6, Forever 21

Accessory Friday: modern stud earrings

Normally I’m a fan of the oversized, dramatic glamour earrings–but these simple, modern studs are really holding my attention. I love that they’re simple but not boring and small but not dainty. They’d look great with both dressy holiday outfits and rock n roll street wear.

Black Stone Stud Earrings, five pounds, Bear and Mojo (