Random Thursday: Items I Often Hoard…

I think we all have an item we’re guilty of hoarding, if not on a TV-show-worthy level, then at least on a level that causes other people to roll their eyes and crack jokes. Here are a few of the items I “hoard” to some extent or another:
  • Nail polish. I’m developing quite the polish addiction and have bottles from high school (yep!) that I just can’t bear to throw out because I haven’t yet found a dupe.
  • Clothes. Even if I haven’t worn something in months, I’m loathe to part with it because I might want it again “someday”. I have to force myself to weed out my closet on a regular basis.
  • Cards and letters. I’m not sure why, but I really have trouble throwing away cards and letters from family. Not that I’ll ever read any of the notes ever again, but I just hate to throw them away. 
  • Magazines. Another item that I have to force myself to weed through. My local library actually has a “take some, leave some” rack in their lobby where you can drop off your magazines and pick up some new ones for free, so I try to drop by every few months and drop off a bundle of old copies (and not grab any new ones!). I’m torn, though: should I pass them on for others to enjoy, or cut them up to make an “inspiration” notebook of my favorite “aha!” style ideas?

So there are my “hoard” hotspots! What are yours? Tell me in the comments below!


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