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    Ten on Tuesday: 3/26/13

    1. Going meatless for good hasn’t been that big of a deal to me, except for the loss of seafood. I love me some fish, so you can imagine how excited I was when I popped into the health food store and found vegan “fish” in the freezer aisle. As it turns out…it’s just okay. You definitely wouldn’t mistake them for real fish, but they might pass for fish sticks.

    2. Another awesome thing I found at the store? An amazing array of vegan ice cream flavors, everything from vanilla to rocky road to pomegranate chip. That’s making me look forward to summer a bit more.

    3. I’ve seen a ton of cute DIYs around the web lately and I need to make time to try some of them. For example, how cute are these altered denim cutoffs? I could totally do this to a $2 pair from the thrift store if I had a free afternoon.

    4. Once again, as I do every year, I’m doing my taxes at the very end of March. We never get that big of a refund so I’m never in that big of a rush. The downside of this is that most of the people I know have theirs done by February 1st because they’re so impatient to get that money back, so then I have to hear their comments for two months about how slow I am.

    5. Who’s going to see ‘The Host’ when it opens on Friday? I think I need to grab the book from the library and read it first. On the one hand, I don’t care for Stephenie Meyer or ‘Twilight’, so I’m not sure that I’ll like this story. On the other hand, it stars Diane Kruger and Saoirse Ronan, two of my favorite actresses; Saoirse was awesome in ‘Hanna’ and it looks like this movie will be full of action. Thoughts?

    6. My new favorite beverage: green tea with a shot of lemon.

    7. I really hope Amazon is accurate with their ETA on my order of the Fringe S4 DVDs. That was my last big purchase before my spending ban began and I plan to enjoy it! Season three ended with such a major cliffhanger and I can’t wait to see how season 4 develops! Luckily season 5 will be out on DVD in May, so we won’t be waiting too long to wrap up the series. My husband and I are majorly hooked!!

    8. Am I the only one who gets mildly depressed waiting for the next installment in a book or TV series?

    9. This is how I feel when people say they don’t like to read.

    Source: sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net via Martha on Pinterest

    10. Speaking of reading…last Tuesday I mentioned that I’d love to host a book swap party but can’t find anyone nearby who’d be interested in attending, and some of you commented that you also like the idea. I’m going to try to put together a swap to post sometime next month (provided I don’t get too busy!). So keep your eyes peeled for that!

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    Product review: Jason Pure Natural Body Wash in Soothing Aloe Vera

    Here’s a belated review from the archives of a product that actually got used up some time ago. I picked this up for my hubby when I decided to start transitioning his products over to cruelty-free options and then somehow just never got around to posting a review for you guys, so here it is!

    The product: Jason Pure Natural Body Wash; $13.79 for 30 ounces; in ten scents. I picked up Soothing Aloe Vera.

    The claim: “This gentle wash cleanses with natural botanical surfactants and safely nourishes with Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5. Our natural blend of soothing Aloe Vera and Sunflower Seed Oil provides lipid relief to smooth and hydrate your skin.” (From their website)

    I tried it: While the price seems high for this body wash, that’s one huge bottle. If you do the math per ounce, this bottle is cheaper than just about any other natural body wash on the shelves, and it’s actually even cheaper than some of the mainstream “natural” body washes from brands like Aveeno. With ten scents to choose from, there’s something there for every taste. I settled on Soothing Aloe Vera because I was buying this primarily for the hubby and this looked like the most unoffensively unisex scent on the shelf.

    If you’re trying to go natural on a budget and need a big bottle of body wash for the whole family to use (or just like to buy in bulk), this is definitely a good choice. The scent is very mild and almost unnoticeable, depending on your sensitivity to scents. Hubby appreciated that it didn’t smell like flowers and I liked having something clean and fresh for a break from my usual scented body washes.

    If you’ve never used a sulfate-free body wash, you need to know that they don’t lather like traditional body washes. You’ll get a little bit of suds, but not much. It takes some getting used to at first but it isn’t a bad change. This body wash rinses clean and doesn’t leave skin feeling dry or tight.

    Jason products are vegetarian-friendly and Leaping Bunny-certified. This body wash is free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates. I actually found this at my local Target store, which made me pretty happy since Target often posts sales on their natural products that let you buy in bulk and get a gift card in return, saving you even more money in the process.

    My verdict: One of the best body wash buys on the shelf. Hubby is happy with this scent but I’m thinking for myself I might look at some of the girlier scents available, like lavender or rose, once I’m done with  my current rotation of body washes.

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    Nail Polish of the Month: March 2013

    I was really bummed that I didn’t get around to sharing a pick for Nail Polish of the Month in February, but my nails were in such poor shape that I honestly would have been embarrassed to post a picture! Not so this month. I’m picking a minty green-blue called Thistle or That?, from the new Flower Beauty line at Walmart ($5).

    What color are you obsessed with this month?

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    Inspiration Saturdays: tribal nails

    I find inspiration in the oddest of places. Case in point: I’ve seen tons of cool tribal nail art, but I didn’t really get around to doing any myself until I looked down at my Mukluks this morning…

    …and realized that I was already wearing a nail polish that matched the blue stripe, setting me up for a perfect piece of tribal nail art.

    I’m no nail art pro but it was fun trying to mimic a pattern from a piece of clothing in a nail art design. (And yes, I realized as I was posting this that the orange and copper stripes should have been switched. Oops! Points for originality.)