Product review: Giovanni Refreshing Facial Cleansing Towelettes

Are these the best makeup removing wipes ever? I think I’ve mentioned these from time to time but have never really gotten around to doing a proper review of them, so…here you go!

The product: Giovanni Refreshing Facial Cleansing Towelettes; $6.99 for 30-count package; at drugstores or

The claim: Alcohol-free & oil-free; citrus extracts aid in refining skin’s texture; cucumber extract soothes and hydrates; antioxidants help combat skin-damaging free radicals; ultra-soft to comfortably remove makeup & mascara.

I tried them: As you can see from the clearance sticker on the package, this was one of those lovely surprise finds that came out of a quick browse through Target’s clearance beauty goodies. I grabbed these because I was unhappy with my liquid makeup remover (all I’m saying is, oil-free my foot).

These cloths are very strong–they remind me of those paper towel advertisements where the towel is being scrubbed and stretched to demonstrate how tough it is–yet they’re quite soft. They’re also nice and large; one towelette is more than sufficient for even the most made-up face. They’re neither sopping wet nor too dry and not scratchy in the least, and they don’t tear very easily. I actually thought I might tear one in half since I was just wiping off a swipe of lipstick and didn’t need the whole wipe, but they’re tougher than they appear!

I really love the scent. I’ve tried three different varieties of the Giovanni face wipes now and this is my favorite; the citrus is refreshing and the cucumber is relaxing. It’s a very fresh scent and not artificial at all.

Now obviously all of these little elements really add up to make or break a product, but the most essential question is this: do these wipes really remove makeup as promised? They do. They pull off every last trace of foundation, waterproof eye makeup and long-wearing lip color, and they do it without tugging, scratching, or drying out my skin. Of great importance to me is the face that they don’t irritate my eyes; I have a lot of trouble with products making my eyes itch and water, and this one doesn’t bother them in the least. These wipes also don’t leave behind an oily residue; I can swatch a lipstick, wipe it off, swatch another, wipe again, and keep on going without any slick buildup on my lips.

Which brings me to my next point: I was a little dubious of the phrase “facial on the go”. I’m very picky about my skincare and I don’t like the feeling of any residue left on my face, and in my experience, makeup removers almost always leave residue behind that needs to be washed away. If they don’t leave residue, it’s almost always because they sucked all the moisture out of your face!

However, these towelettes really do leave my skin feeling fresh, clean, and hydrated. I don’t feel the need to rinse my face or apply a moisturizer after using them. I do feel like they make my skin look better with regular use, much as an antioxidant-packed cleanser might do. Whether you’re traveling, tossing them in a gym bag, or just too tired to properly wash your face at night (guilty), these wipes are really a big miracle in a tiny package.

And now for the cherry on top: they’re vegan; free of phthalates, artificial fragrances, dyes, sulfates and parabens; and they’re Leaping Bunny-certified. (Big dance of happiness!)

My verdict: A must-have. Target keeps changing up their beauty counter and right now it doesn’t look like they’re carrying these wipes, but they’re available through the Giovanni website and, and I do believe my local health food store stocks them as well. Wherever you find them, I highly recommend grabbing a package, because they’re winning my nomination for the best makeup removing wipes available.

If you don’t like fragranced products, try the unscented version (available here)–they come in second place only on account of my love for citrus-scented products. :)

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    1. I’ve heard from other bloggers that those wipes caused burning!! Yikes! :( I had a poor experience with the Yes to Cucumbers eye gel so I didn’t bother to try any more of their products after that.

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  2. I love shopping at Target when I’m in the US. I wish we had the same in Europe. Great product review!


  3. I too love citrus scented products! Doesn’t matter if it’s a beauty or cleaning product… If it smells like citrus, I’m going to love it!

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