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Nail Polish of the Month April 2013; plus, Totally Doable I Have A Life April Nail Art Challenge: Day 10: Bright

I couldn’t think of a better “bright” for day 10 of this challenge than my bottle of Zoya Mitzi that I ordered this winter. It’s a matte velvet lacquer in a highlighter yellow shade.

Like all mattes, this dries super-quick: I am not lying when I say I did four coats in five minutes. The trouble with such a quick dry time is that it’s very hard to get a smooth, even application, without streaks or patchiness. Also, this shows every imperfection in my nails. So, I think it’s going to take some work to learn how to make this polish look as lovely as my other Zoyas.

That said, I do love the color, which is why I’m also naming it my Nail Polish of the Month for April 2013.


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