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Product review: Julep One Step Polish Remover Pads

These little sealed polish remover pads have arrived as extras in a couple of my Julep Maven boxes, and somehow I just never got around to using them. I guess since I’m happy with my Zoya Remove Plus, I just didn’t feel the need. But like the good little beauty blogger that I am, I finally opened up one of the pads to try it out just for the sake of review.

The product: Julep One Step Polish Remover Pads; $9.99 for a pack of ten; at

The claim: No-mess, lint-free pad is infused with aloe vera to moisturize and condition your nails.

I tried it: These pads are neither dry nor dripping in polish remover, and the scent isn’t harsh, so the “mess-free” part is true. That said, I feel like these aren’t the sturdiest cloths. They do seem to shed and shred just like cotton balls if you’ve got rough edges or hangnails.

I didn’t feel like one pad was enough to fully clean all ten nails. It’s true that I usually have three coats of polish on each nail, plus base and a coat or two of topcoat; but even so one cotton ball soaked in Remove Plus is usually enough to do the trick; I’ll use two if I was using dark polish. This pad just seems to dry out before I’m really done with it.

My verdict: Unless I was going on vacation and really wanted to bring along polish and polish remover for a mid-vacay manicure change, I probably wouldn’t buy these. That said, if you’re traveling, they’d be a great alternative to a leak-prone bottle of remover and a baggie of cotton balls. They’re just not worth the price for every day use, especially if you have a much nicer bottle of removal and a sink at hand.


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