Blog every day in May x2: Day 20

Talk about something that is in the news today.

Well, it might not be groundbreaking national or world news, but in this house we’re excited for the big announcements tomorrow afternoon about the next generation of XBOX consoles. And when I say “we”, I mean my hubby! We saw a reminder yesterday that there would be a live streaming conference out of Seattle on Tuesday afternoon and with 24 hours to go the hype is certainly at its peak. This is the hot news in the gaming world and all of the gamers I know are going bonkers making bets about the next generation of consoles, what they’ll be called, how much they’ll cost, etc. It’s crazy. Though, I suppose if I was a gamer, I would be going nuts too!

Get real. Share something you’re struggling with right now. 

I am really struggling to get back into a habit of working out! Like most people I hate exercise, so I really swing in and out of a routine. I have a yoga mat and weights, a stationery and an outdoor bike, hiking trails nearby, and exercise DVDs covering dance, yoga, and yogalates. So I’m not short on equipment, I’m just short on time and energy. I feel like it’s always a tossup: work out or blog? Work out or take care of my to-do list? Work out or get some sleep?

8 thoughts on “Blog every day in May x2: Day 20

  1. I struggle with working out too! It is so horrible!
    And I think that when we move into our animal shelter/ castle / library we can just let our husbands play video games together. :)

  2. Hehe I totally didn’t know that the new gen of XBOX is being announced tomorrow… I’m not a “gamer”, but it’s still interesting news. :-)

    ~ Yun

  3. Why is working out like a form of torture? I know it will make me feel better, but a diet coke, a book and my bed also makes me feel better. :). Maybe if you get a new X-box you could get some workout games!

    1. My hubby was actually nice enough to get me a few of the really old Dance Dance Revolution games for he Xbox which are pretty nice–there’s even a calorie tracker on there. I just need to make my butt get off the sofa and use them! :P I like the look of those new Xbox Zumba and other workout games, since I hate the idea of going to the gym for a class!

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