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Product review: Julep DD Creme

Gather round, children, while I spin to you a tale of a magical beauty product that was set on world domination. The wondrous BB cream (short for beauty balm, blemish balm, or bogus balm, depending on whom you asked) took the beauty market by storm. Every beauty company rushed to make one, and every beauty junkie rushed to buy one, lured in by the promise of a multi-tasking product that masked imperfections, fixed blemishes, and felt as light and natural as your naked face.

But alas! It was not to be. No matter how many BB creams they tried, the beauty junkies could not find one that managed to live up to its claims. Nonetheless, the BB cream was determined not to die off, and so it unleashed on the world its younger sibling, the CC cream. And before the world could tire of this incarnation, the market gave us…a DD creme.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t that bad, but that’s kind of how I feel about the whole BB-CC-DD fad. Beauty By Arielle actually has a great video here that I feel kind of sums up the average journey through the world of BB creams; while I’m sure some people love them, for the most part, they just don’t seem to work. Think about it: you’re asking one product to do two drastically different things (cover like a foundation and feel sheer like a moisturizer) and then getting mad when it doesn’t do both of those things–separately! On different areas of the face! But at the same time!

With all of that said, you can imagine my reaction when I opened up my June Julep Maven selection window and saw that they were throwing in a tube of their new DD Creme with each of the boxes. I’m not trying to be grumbly here at all; it was a FREE add-on (and a very expensive one at that) that cost me nothing extra at all, and while I would absolutely have preferred an extra nail color or two, I’m not going to turn my nose up at a free product. I just wasn’t thrilled about getting a product I didn’t expect to like.

So, without further ado, here is the full review I promised of the “dynamic do-all” creme.

The product: Julep DD Creme; $36 at ($28.80 for Mavens)

The claim: (from the package) “This lightweight damage-diminishing formula delivers dewy, buildable coverage to moisturize, prime, and perfect. Provides daily defense from UV rays and dramatically decreases the look of pores and fine lines.” SPF 25; not tested on animals.

I tried it: First off, the “dewy” part? Try “oily”. I realize that many “dewy” products don’t translate well on combo-oily skin, but when applied over the t-zone, this stuff made my skin look and feel slick and shiny. It doesn’t matter whether I apply it over bare skin or my favorite NYX primer, the result is the same; also, it seemed to make me break out. Over the rest of my face, the “dewy” effect translates better and I think it does make my skin look more hydrated and glowy.

There is no lasting power to this stuff, though. Between the overly greasy feel and the short lifespan of an application, I’m scratching my head over this being marketed as a summer product. It would be better in the winter, when your skin needed that extra boost of hydration and you wouldn’t sweat it away within an hour.

Finally, the coverage is moot. This comes out of the tube a dark tan but it sheers out to a nice light tone that seems akin to a tinted moisturizer, providing a nice glow to the skin. It does not, however, offer any coverage for redness, dark circles, or any other imperfections. The package promises that this creme is buildable and I suppose it is, but as oily as it feels, I can’t imagine why you would want to build it up on your face. The coverage was so sheer that I didn’t bother taking any face pics for comparison.

My verdict: I have raved and raved on this blog about how much I love the Julep nail colors, but when it comes to their beauty products, they’re a total fail for me; the products don’t live up to their claims and they’re massively overpriced. Fancy packaging does not guarantee a good product, and this one is just so underwhelming it wouldn’t be worth it at a third of the price, nor would I pass it on to a friend; it’s just forgettable. 


  • Jasmine

    ” gather round” too funny! My thoughts – they are such a marketing ploy it’s killing me!!!! I have women coming up to me saying “Where is THE bb cream” and I just start describing what a BB cream is (tinted moisturizer with SPF) and then their like but it covers everything, and I’m like not at all, seriously they just repackaged their tinted moisturizer and add SPF. THat DD sound like one of the L’Oreal ones I tried, it was soooo greasy and slid of my face. I use the multitude of BB’s I have now as a primer, and am saving them for winter.
    Thanks as always for the entertaining review!

    • Martha Woods

      Glad you liked it! ;) It’s a shame so many people keep running from one to the next thinking it will be better. I really liked the Flower BB cream but that wasn’t even akin to American BB creams in coverage or texture, so I hesitate to call it that–I think it’s more akin to the Asian formulas, which are totally different. Some of the American ones are so watery and they make you break out like there’s no tomorrow!!

  • Steph Lau

    bleh.. sounds not so good… I don’t really trust face products made by a brand that is known for polishes… kinda like makeup at forever 21 :0

  • Yun, The Polish Hideout

    This sounds awful, but I’m not too surprised. I find that, with sensitive oily/combo skin, it’s just so hard to find skincare products that cater to my skin, especially with SPF. This sounds like a nightmare and I’ve heard so many bad reviews of it.

    ~ Yun

  • Erin Celeste

    Haha, I actually had really good luck with my BB cream, but my skin is pretty good anyway so I am not asking for miracles from my makeup!

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