Random Thursday: Desert Island: 5 Items I’d Want To Have With Me…

Because I am the Queen of Indecision and could not possibly pick just five things to have with me, I’m going to dub this the “beauty edition” and give you the five beauty items I’d want with me, in the unfortunate event that I were to become stranded.

  1. Sunscreen. Just call me lobstah lady.
  2. Mascara. If I only have time for one makeup item I choose this.
  3. Some leave-in hair conditioner. All that sand and sun would turn my hair into a rat’s nest, I just know it.
  4. My favorite lip balm, which doubles as cuticle balm.
  5. A razor. I might be lazy, but you won’t catch me running around on a desert island with my fuzzy legs showing. Nosiree.

If you could only pick five beauty items to take to a desert island, which ones would you pick and why?


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