Ten on Tuesday: 6/18/13

1. I am now officially on vacation! Wheeeeeeeee!

2. I have discovered vegan cream cheese. Bagels, how I missed you.

3. Hello, gorgeous.

4. Why do magazine companies send you the renewal notices so darn early? I’m getting renewal notices for a magazine that doesn’t expire for another whole year. A YEAR, you guys. I’m pretty sure I’ll have ample opportunities to renew it before it expires.

5. So just in time for my birthday, the temperature decided to dip again, which is okay on the one hand and crappy on the other since it means no ritual birthday swimming trip. Maybe we can still go hiking?

6. Hair turbans are a lazy girl’s best friend. I’m just saying.

7. Speaking of hair–a big congrats to the wonderful bubbly lady who cuts my hair–she is quitting her job at the Ulta salon to open her own salon! It’s always awesome to hear of other people’s successes. I think when you share in another person’s happiness it makes your own life seem a little happier, too.

8. Is it just me, or did the t-shirt wall at Hot Topic used to have much cooler t-shirts for sale? There are hardly any of the cool rock bands I listen to, but they do carry Justin Bieber and One Direction t-shirts. In the men’s section. Let me repeat that for emphasis, THEY ARE CARRYING ONE DIRECTION T-SHIRTS IN THE MEN’S SECTION. I’m not trying to stomp all over anyone’s personal taste but I was hoping for something more like the Dropkick Murphys or AC/DC. What the hell, Hot Topic.

9. On the other hand, I found a slew of cool handmade shoulder bags at the local record store, and they have a cat prowling around inside now for belly rubs. I think we can see a clear winner emerging here.

10. And here’s your promised song of the week. I love the long twist in the video too. We finally bought the album and it’s slowly growing on me.

16 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: 6/18/13

  1. 1. I’m two weeks away from mine and I can hardly stand it!
    3. That’s awesome. Did you make that????
    6. They are so cute but I’m afraid I couldn’t pull it off.
    8. Say it isn’t so. I used to be intimidated to go in there, but not anymore!
    Thanks for linking up this week in Lin’s absence!

    1. Yes, I made that :) My hubby bought me an easel and supplies last year so I could learn to use oil paints, and I finally finished my big cheery blossom painting!

      And yes, Hot Topic is really that bad. I was bummed. I think online they have a better selection but STILL.

      Thanks for stopping by! <3

  2. I always ate vegan cream cheese in Germany and it was so good! I haven’t found one here yet.
    Enjoy your vacation! And have a wooooooonderful birthday tomorrow!

  3. 1. Lucky! You going anywhere cool?
    3. Ooh pretty.
    4. Dude, that’s hella early to be sending you a renewal. That’s crazy.
    7. Aw, yay for her. Its always awesome when people take awesome risks like that.
    8. They’re totally uncool now. This is exactly why people are now shopping for their awesome band tees online.

    1. 1. To hang out with my mom and shop til we drop :) We’re both celebrating our birthdays this week!
      3. Thanks, it took long enough to finish it!
      4. I think they send these to old people who don’t keep track of their expiration dates and will send heaps of money in when asked. Then they’re paid up like ten years in advance.
      7. I hope it works out for her!
      8. Tell me about it. Sucky.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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