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Birthday vacation part three: big makeup haul!

Time to wrap up the posts about my vacation! After my spending ban I was overdue for a makeup haul, but I saved it until after I went back to work so I would have something to make those first nights a little less soul-crushing. So here are the pictures of everything I got!

First up: a bunch of the Milani Shadow Eyez pencils, which I’ve been wanting since I saw them on Pang’s blog this spring. Almond Cream and Cafe Au Lait are both matte, which is hard to find on the cheap (these are $6.50 apiece), and then I grabbed Brown Deluxe and Golden Bronze because they were just so pretty. I was happy to get some individual shades instead of a palette of powders so I wouldn’t get any dupes for shades I already own.

Next is a new limited edition blush from Essence, part of the Floral Grunge collection. Be Flowerful is a silky coral blush. This retails for $3 so it’s a real steal if you can find it.

These Wet n Wild shadows were BOGO 1/2 Off so I grabbed a pan of rosy shades (they’re warmer in real life) for $3 and a jade green single pan that ended up being $1.

I don’t have a black liquid liner at the moment so I thought instead of buying another traditional liquid liner, I would try something different: a felt pen style (Milani, $7.50). The Hard Candy polish is called “Tinsel Town” ($4) and it’s the only bar glitter I’ve found at the drugstore thus far, so I justified adding it to my stash.

I kind of went nuts with the Hard Candy products! There were still a few of these mini $4 kits at Walmart, so I grabbed them so I can try a bunch of different products on the cheap. Now I have minis of face and eyeshadow primer, bronzing and highlighting liquid, a silver eyeshadow, a thickening mascara and a glitter mascara, and two glitter eye pencils in teal and purple. Pretty good for twelve bucks, huh?

This was the more practical part of my splurge. I love this Physician’s Formula mascara and Walmart usually sells it for $9 per tube, but these packages have a bonus tube inside–so that makes it $4.50 per tube, which is dirt cheap for any mascara, let alone such a nice one. The Glamoflauge Concealer ($6) has been recommended by a bunch of my favorite bloggers including Pang, Jasmine and Niki, so I finally bought that too (after eyeballing it for months!). I hope this finally solves my dark circle dilemma!

The Shadowholic sticks ($5) in Pink Lady and After Hours are supposed to last all day without creasing; Pang reviewed a couple of different shades (can you tell I stalk her blog?) and they looked awesome, so hopefully they work for me too. The All Lid Up cream shadow ($5) is called Tidal Wave and it’s such a lovely shade of bright turquoise.

Last but not least, I finally bought a can of Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak dry shampoo. Arielle recommended this one and it was only $5, so I figured it was a good foray into a product I’ve always been kind of leery of using. I do like the idea of boosting my fine hair’s volume so I’m willing to try it out!

So there’s my big birthday cosmetics haul! Going on a spending ban and shopping spree has taught me a few things: it’s easier for me to stick to a seasonal budget than a monthly one, I get more enjoyment from the occasional splurge rather than regular shopping, and I end up buying fewer, nicer items because I have time to make a list of the things I really want for the season instead of just buying something because it’s new or I “need” a treat. So now that my shopping spree is over, I think I’ll go back on a small spending ban so I can have another shopping spree when autumn arrives!

Thanks for reading through all of my birthday vacation posts! I missed you all while I was gone and I have so much blog reading and YouTube viewing to catch up on now, plus, obviously, tons of reviews to write. So I guess it’s time to get back into my routine and get back to regular work on the blog!


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