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Product review: Acure Organics Mineral Protection Sunscreen SPF 30

I’ve got another suncare review for you today! I’ve been looking for a new facial sunscreen for awhile and just couldn’t find one I liked. The chemical sunscreens sting my eyes like no tomorrow but I’ve just had to make do! But the more I’ve learned about the toxic makeup of these sunscreens and how they affect the body and the environment, the more eager I’ve become to find a good natural sunscreen! And where better to start than with my face?

I decided to go check out the skincare aisle at my local health food store and with the the help of one of their awesome associates (they seriously have the nicest people there!) picked out this little tube to try out. Acure is already fast becoming one of my favorite skincare brands so I thought their sunscreen had to be worth trying!

The product: Acure Organics Mineral Protection Sunscreen SPF 30; $15.99/1 oz. at health food stores or through their website

The claim: Physical mineral sunscreens offer broad-spectrum sun protection while prickly pear extract fights free radicals.

Ingredients: Titanium dioxide9%, zinc oxide 3%, aqua, caprylic/capric triglyceride, carthamus tinctorius oleosomes, isopropyl jojobate, jojoba alcohol, jojoba esters, silica, benzyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol, polyhydroxystearic acid, opuntia ficus-indica stem, glycerin, tocopheryl acetate, bisabolol, isostearic acid.

Ingredient notes: Acure products are vegan and Leaping Bunny-certified (yay!). Paraben-free and free of harmful chemical sunscreen ingredients like oxybenzone.

I tried it: I think it’s fantastic that Acure is vegan and natural, I love the higher SPF, and I love that they threw in some antioxidant action to help fight skin damage. Now, with all of those basics covered, I still needed to know how this sunscreen would perform “in the field” as it were, across my five main points of concern:

  • Does it leave a white cast? No! This sunscreen rubs in very well and doesn’t leave any whitish tint.
  • Is it greasy/slick? No! If anything, this sunscreen left me with a matte, velvety finish on the skin, much like a makeup primer. Surprised? I was too!
  • Does it sting or smell? Nope! The wonderful thing about mineral sunscreens is that they’re much less irritating, so no watery, burning eyes here!
  • Can it be layered with makeup? Yes! No slip and slide here.
  • Will it cause a breakout? This is a huge concern for me since I have combo-oily skin, but thankfully–no breakouts to report!

My final thoughts: A definite winner! I do wish the tube were a little bigger but since I’m only using it on my face (I’ll use a separate sunscreen for my body), that’s okay. I don’t mind paying a little more for a nice facial sunscreen since, after all–if it isn’t nice, I won’t want to put it on my face–and if I don’t ever use it, then it does me no good!


  • Jasmine

    Ohh that looks nice! Maybe when I’m done with my toxic one ill make the switch :). But do they make higher than SPF 30? My face burns soooo fast.

    • Martha Woods

      Short answer: Not that I know of…these are a couple of others I was checking out online: and I’d really prefer SPF 50 but it seems to hard to find in a natural formula! But I guess it’s better to use SPF 30 and be somewhat protected than buy one that makes my eyes sting so badly I never use it, and go out with 0 SPF.

      Long answer: In my personal opinion–and I know there are lots of people out there who would disagree–if you can’t go out without burning with a higher SPF, and you can only find that SPF level in a chemical sunscreen, and it doesn’t bother your skin…I think that is the better option to take. Can the ingredients be really bad for you? Yes, but so is skin cancer!

      I don’t think it’s realistic to think we can go 100% natural and toxin-free in every area of our lives. We all take medications, drive gasoline-powered vehicles, etc. It’s great to try, but when it comes down to a choice between a slightly icky medication (and I consider sunscreen medicinal) and making yourself severely ill (cancer), I think it’s unwise to shun the medication just because it isn’t “natural” enough.

      I see lots of people trying to make their own sunscreens so they’ll be 100% natural and I’m really leery of the idea. Skin cancer is nothing to mess around with and I’d rather use some chemicals than take that risk! If it didn’t make my eyeballs feel like they were going to fall out of their sockets, I would definitely try the regular formulas. But again, that’s just my ranty opinion. :P

      I should probably write a post on this while I’m at it :P

  • Catherine @ bcrueltyfree

    I like that this isn’t crazy expensive. A lot of smaller brands marketed as organic seem really outrageously priced. I’m still trying to find my HG sunscreen, so even though I don’t exactly get super excited about sunscreens, this was a good read for me

    • Martha Woods

      Glad this could help you! I’m also searching for my HG and this is thus far the best mix of vegan, budget and high SPF that I’ve been able to find. Definitely not the most exciting topic, but I guess it’s essential! :P

  • Yun, The Polish Hideout

    It’s so hard to find a good mineral sunscreen. It seems like all the sunscreens out there are chemical ones, and those are just awful for acne skin. I’m so glad you found one you like. :) I’m currently using Paula’s Choice Hydralight Mineral Complex, and it’s working well for me. :)

    ~ Yun

  • Katrin

    It definitely sounds like a winner to me! I need to go and look for this one! I need a good vegan and cruelty free sunscreen. Right now I am just staying out of the sun completely. :)

    • Martha Woods

      I don’t go in it much, since I work nights and sleep during the day. So I can skate without some days. But I’m happy to have one for the days I’m out hiking, etc.–the other ones always ran in my eyes and burned!!!

    • Martha Woods

      It’s such a problem! Luckily this one rubs in really well. A little goes a long way! I’ve had really good luck with Acure overall, they have nice lotions and hair oils too :)

  • Autumn Caravona

    I’m secretly happy that I am not the only one who experiences stinging when it comes to other sunscreens! It’s such a pain, I’ll have to check this one out!

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t tried this one, but I’ve tried the Mychelle brand Sun Shield spf 28 unscented one. It’s $18.99 for 2.3 oz. & I love it! It doesn’t leave my face oily & it’s great with makeup. I also have a medium brown skin tone.

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