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Product review: Essence LE Floral Grunge Hair Dye Powder

After I picked up the Essence Floral Grunge blush (which I’ll be reviewing this week also), I went back and grabbed the hair dye powder that was also part of the display. Since these are limited edition items I wanted to get the reviews up this week in case you’re looking for these products, since they’re hard to find and you’ve got to snatch them up quickly!

The product: Essence Floral Grunge Hair Dye Powder; $3 at drugstores.

The claim: Rub on for a temporary dose of color; wash out with shampoo.

Ingredients: Polyester-3, talc, mica, synthetic fluorphlogopite, zinc stearate, dimethicone, zea mays (corn) starch, polymethyl methacrylate, methylparaben, propylparaben, red 6, yellow 7, orange 5, red 28.

Ingredient notes: Essence does not test on animals. This product is vegan. It does contain mostly synthetic ingredients and two kinds of parabens but since it’s not staying on the hair for long, that doesn’t concern me too much.

I tried it: You don’t get a ton of product in the pot–maybe enough for a few uses. The best way to use this is to comb out a section of hair to be striped, sprtiz with hairspray, rub the chalk into the hair, then spritz again with hairspray to set. Unfortunately, it’s very messy–the powder will get all over your work area and your clothes (you can kind of see the pink powder stains on my shirt in the below picture). The chalk rubs off on your fingers, too, which can make styling hair kind of messy. I pulled mine into a ponytail to minimize the mess.

As you can see in the above picture, the chalkiness is apparent and it’s difficult to get nice, even stripes. I think it would be easier on lighter hair, since you wouldn’t have to work so hard to make the color show up. Also, this color really doesn’t look good at all in my hair–it’s dyed such a deep shade of cherry that the coral stripes kind of look like an at-home highlighting kit disaster, as opposed to cute peachy stripes. In person they showed very orange against my hair!

I’ve linked here to a review of this hair dye powder by Serena of Beauty Lab (the blog is in Dutch, so you will need to use Google Translate if you want to read it in English). She tried out the hair dye powder on both blonde and medium brown hair, and had much better color results.  I wanted to include the link so you could see what the stripes look like on someone with lighter, non-red hair, since it really does look cute on those hair colors.

One last note: you’re going to need a lot of shampoo to fully get this out of your hair (I lathered up twice), but it doesn’t stain. I do recommend using a good hair conditioner afterward, since it seemed to be a bit drying.

My final thoughts: It’s a cool concept, it just doesn’t work out that well in real life. I wouldn’t mind putting a little work into it, but it makes such a mess that it just doesn’t seem worthwhile.


  • Katrin

    Hmm, well that looks a little complicated but I do think it looks good on you! But I guess it is a bit messy to do it, I am sure there are better solutions. I have never tried anything like this but I really want to!

    • Martha Woods

      It was fun to try, but very powdery! I need to poke around and find some other temporary hair colorant, so I can try some other colors. :D Can’t go with anything permanent even if I wanted to, work would frown on it.

  • Pang Ly

    I like that color on you. I’ve always been fascinated with the looks I’ve seen using hair chalk but the process and the mess is enough to deter me from even trying, lol. Hair styling is really not my forte.

  • MakeUp Guinea Pig

    You can use regular old pastels to do the same thing I believe. I’m sure it’s still a bit messy, but at least you can just run the pastel chunk right onto the strands. You still need to set it with hairspray or a heat tool too. I keep meaning to try it, but I afraid I’m going to stain my hair! :)

    • Martha Woods

      I might have to try that–I think I have a bunch of pastels in my art box! Maybe you can single out a small swatch “test strand” and just color the end, so you can just snip it off if it does stain?

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