Ethical fall fashion: ten pieces

When I first started blogging about ethical consumerism and ethical fashion this summer (click the hyperlinks to see those posts), I meant to throw together a wishlist post of fashion items that were fair trade, eco-friendly, made in the USA or vegan. Somehow that post never got put together (oops!) but now that fall is right around the corner, I thought it was a good time to put together a little list of items for that summer-to-fall transition period. The best part: everything here is under $50!

(All links below go directly to the web page for the item; they are not affiliate links.)

1. Shirred tunic, $38, One Mango Tree
2. Print dress, $48, Lulu’s
3. Shorts, $21.60, One Mango Tree
4. Sweater, $35, Tree of Life
5. Colored denim, $49, Land’s End
6. Earrings, $17, Roozt
7. Ankle boots, $45, Fashion Conscience
8. Scarf, $16, People Tree
9. Tank top, $20, Glik’s
10. Floral tee, $33, Fashion Conscience

6 thoughts on “Ethical fall fashion: ten pieces

  1. There’s some really cute pieces in there! I especially like #2… I’m always attracted to a great print dress. :)

    ~ Yun

  2. Nice choices!! I was really excited to find some imitation leather boots from H&M recently so I picked up a pair in brown and black. Boots and handbags are always the hardest for me to find good quality vegan friendly.

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