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Favorite posts this month!

Wow! I haven’t done one of these posts in a full month, so you know it’s going to be a big one! I have been a lazy blog reader this month but I did see lots of posts I liked, so I wanted to round them up and share them with you, in no particular order. I did try to break these down by category to contain the madness.


You’ve still got a few days left to enter Brittany’s Secret‘s giveaway for an Urban Decay Naked palette!

The Polish Hideout featured swatches of the Zoya Fall PixieDust lacquers, in case you’ve somehow missed them (shame on you)–see Tomoko, Chita, Dhara, Arabella, Sunshine, and Carter! Beauty Redefined by Pang has more colorful swatches for you, of neutral cream shadow (here) and blue/teal eyeliners (here).

I really love this bold look from Fun Size Beauty, based on an Allure Russia cover. This ombre nail art color combo from Small Budget Beauty is so bright and happy! The Freckled Fox has been posting tons of awesome hair tutorials lately, but I think my two favorites are the rope braid and the braid-wrapped bun.

Glamorable has a look at the new Bondi box, which may very well just give Julep a run for their money. Land of Candy Canes has the vegan version of the Conscious Box and MakeUp Guinea Pig unwrapped the new Vegan Cuts beauty box, both of which look awesome. Christine also reviewed the NYX Eyebrow Shaper, which sounds like a miracle product if ever I’ve seen one (I have perpetually misbehaving brows).

I just love the colorful clutch in this outfit from Wendy’s Lookbook! Not that I would ever get a giant owl tattoo…but isn’t this one cool? (From Tattoologist)


How about homemade pancakes from Sew Much To SayDancing Branflake has a killer sweet potato taco recipe here! Karla’s Closet has a granola recipe that could easily be veganized if you swapped agave nectar for the honey. Sugarpuffish has a recipe for a vegan cake in a mug that you can make in the microwave (say no more!).


I love this Shakespeare quote, shared by Cocalores. I really had fun reading through this post from Sew Much to Say about all the things she’s learned from her list of things to do before her 20th birthday–I had never really thought about it this way before, but as she points out, you can learn just as much from the things you don’t check off as you learn from the things you do check off the list! Also: a cute picture of a chipmunk and her Liebster award. Because who doesn’t want to see a picture of a chipmunk?

I didn’t think it was possible to love Norman Reedus any more than I already did, but I was wrong. (Link from Land of Candy Canes.) Oh, and check out Katrin’s recommendations for good crime writers–I have some new books to add to my must-read shelf now. Is it just me, or do European writers turn out better crime novels than Americans? They don’t seem quite so obsessed with happy endings!

Here’s a great tutorial from Artangel on transferring print to a mixed-media art piece. This is definitely going on my list of things to try this fall. I also liked the tips from Rosalilium on food photography, since I’m starting to include more recipes on this blog and goodness knows I need all the tips I can get!

I laughed at this post from The Daybook about her son’s first haircut. “Mullet killer!”

Be Quoted had this great piece on dating advice for single ladies, which I think is a must-read whether you’re a single gal yourself or have single friends who might need some pointers. She’s also got this post about the perks of singledom and then just some all-around good advice for anyone approaching thirty.

Speaking of dating advice, Dancing Branflakes shells out a few tips for finding a good mate that she says she would give to her daughter, but I think they’re true for anyone.

I love this post from Real College Student of Atlanta about being in competition with yourself instead of others. Both personally and professionally, it really struck home for me! She also posts about a few things younger people don’t “get” when it comes to personal/professional success.

Beauty Product Mama talked about having “no excuses” when it comes to taking care of your health.  Another sorely-needed reminder, since I’m very good at making excuses to take a nap instead of fixing dinner or exercising!


Dancing Branflakes has multiple posts this month featuring some really lovely photography from her summer hikes and road trips–check out her hiking and waterfall photos here, lakeside photos here, wanderings through Virgina here, and a road trip in California here.

I love pretty much everything from Chestnut Mocha and these posts (here and here) about Glacier National Park are no exception.

The Rain Girl had so many awesome photos from New York City this month, but you can find some of my favorites here…and here…and here…and here…and here…and here…and here…okay, I’ll stop now. :) Also be sure to go check out her Society 6 shop, she has a lot of really interesting art prints up for sale there.

Whew, what a roundup! I need to make myself do these posts on a weekly basis just so they won’t be so darn long! What have you been reading lately? Anything you think I should go have a peek at?


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