Hard Candy minis review! Nine items total

Get ready for a big post! I decided to do a big review of all the Hard Candy mini items that I picked up this summer. Where possible I’ve made ingredient notes and I’ve included swatches so you can see how the colors look out of the tube. Later I may try to do some full FOTD type posts with these products, but there were so many here that I wanted a way to quickly and tidily go through them! All of these items are available through your local Walmart.

First up, the Sheer Envy face primer ($8/1.6 oz.). As far as I can see this is a vegan item, and it also contains no parabens. I’ve heard good things about this primer and I think for the price it does an amazing job of blurring my pores and keeping the shine down so my foundation doesn’t slip away by lunch. It’s a good balance between mattifying and being too dry, but it would probably not be suitable for terribly oily skin–for that I will stick with my Nyx Shine Killer primer. I would repurchase this.

Next is the Eyeshadow Primer. I’m not totally sure, but I don’t think is sold as a solo full-size item. It also appears to be vegan but contains some parabens, unlike the face primer. It has a much slipperier texture than typical eyeshadow primers and while it smooths out my lids a bit, it doesn’t seem to do a lot to intensify the color of my eyeshadow or make it last any longer than usual.

I have two minis of Glow All The Way, in “Glamzon Bronze” and “Doll Face” ($8/4.8 oz.) These would appear to be vegan, though the packaging says they “may” contain carmine. These are super-shimmery and a little goes a long way, as you can see from the blended swatches. Glamazon Bronze would be an excellent accent for legs and collarbones if you have a tan; Doll Face would be pretty on the cheekbones and browbones. I would probably repurchase these, though I’m scratching my head over the fact that Hard Candy apparently isn’t sure which ingredients made it into the finished product! I’ve seen major vegan bloggers refer to products like this as 100% vegan, so I’m not sure what to think. :/

On to the eye products. The two Take Me Out glitter liners ($5 apiece for the full sizes) are “Wild Child” and “Notorious”. They are waxy and not as glitter-packed as I thought they would be; the color payoff seems excellent and they do seem to stay put well, though. They stain a bit and you’ll definitely need a waterproof eye makeup remover to take them off. They do contain beeswax, which is why I would not consider repurchasing them.

The silvery shadow is a mini of the Meteor-Eyes Baked Shadow in “Bad Reputation” ($6). As far as I can tell this is a vegan product. It’s a soft satiny silver with moderate pigmentation and staying power, though like most drugstore shadows, I think you’ll want to use primer and you’ll need to reapply partway through the day. It’s a nice accent color but I just don’t see myself purchasing a full-size silver shadow. :)

I also have two mini mascaras, Lash Tinsel in the shade “Spellbound” and a tube of Flat to Fab, and I believe both of these retail for $7 for the full-sized tubes. I think all Hard Candy mascaras contain beeswax, so they are not vegan. For some reason I thought their non-waterproof formulas were vegan, but when I double-checked that is not the case.

Lash Tinsel is not the glitter-packed formula I thought; it’s clear with a small amount of glitter, so it actually adds a nice accent to lashes without turning you into Ke$ha. Here I’m wearing it over bare lashes on the left and over black mascara on the right. Obviously the beeswax makes it a no-go for me going forward, as 2013 is my year of transitioning from vegetarian to vegan cosmetics.** However, I will keep a more open mind about glitter mascara from here on out–it’s actually quite pretty! It just takes a bit of work to remove.

The Flat to Fab mascara was weird and I’m not sure how I feel about it, beeswax aside. For starters, the brush is huge and fatter on the ends than in the middle, so it can be hard to evenly coat the lashes as you would with a standard spoolie. I also felt that using a lash comb was necessary to avoid clumps. That said, the pic series below was taken after a ten-hour shift at work, and I had zero flaking or transfer–this stuff did not budge in the least! It did seem to help hold my lashes in a curl and it did a good job of volumizing and lengthening. It’s just one of those products that requires a bit of elbow grease to get the desired beautiful result.

So there are all my Hard Candy mini reviews! Do you like Hard Candy? Have a favorite product? Never tried them? Leave me a comment and let me know!

**If you’re curious about the difference between vegetarian and vegan cosmetics, I have a post here that explains it all! You can also leave me a question in the comments or e-mail me–remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid question. :)

16 thoughts on “Hard Candy minis review! Nine items total

  1. Curious to try that body glow bronzer.. those eyeliner looks so dark..nice.. thanks for the share..BTW I have tried their lip balm..:D

  2. I love the Sheer Envy primer. I need to pick up another tube. It’s the only hard candy product I have tried. I really need to pick up more.

    1. It is! So far I have my Physicians Formula Lash Out, but that’s it from the drugstore so far. :/ I wanted to try their colored mascaras but some of those have beeswax in them too.

  3. I have always been pretty happy with hard candy. I love the colored mascaras, the glamoflauge concealer and the glossy stain balm thingys ( I can’t remember what they’re called!). I’m not sure if they’re vegan, but they’re worth a try!

  4. You have such lush lashes!! I love the bit of sparkle that glitter mascara gives = how fun! Wow – you are going to go full vegan, good for you! I’m surprised someone hasn’t gone after the non-beeswax mascara market yet. Whole Foods has got to have something :)

    1. Aw, thank you :) It’s been hard switching over–some of my old favorite products are not vegan, boohoo. I guess I will just have to hunt and test like crazy to find new stuff. What a chore for a beauty blogger, eh? :D

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