Random Thursday: Fave things to do in the fall

Baking and cooking, for sure! I love to make cookies and hearty, stick-to-your ribs dishes like chili. This week we tried out Thai peanut soup, chili with Fritos, and pumpkin cranberry bread. Nom, nom, nom. I also end up drinking tons of tea in the fall–right now I’m hooked on Irish breakfast tea and chai spice tea.

I also love stocking up on fall candles. I finally splurged and got some Scentsy warmers for the house so that I don’t have to worry about the kitties catching their whiskers on fire if I leave candles burning around the house; so now the house smells like cinnamon, apple pie, pumpkin, and coffee. I think the house feels much warmer and cozier with nice candles burning, plus it’s fun to have dinner and a movie by candlelight. It feels more like a date night and less like a night of sitting on the couch in your sweats!

I love driving around to look at the changing scenery. Out here in the West we don’t get the riot of color that you see in the Northeast, but we do have some color and when it shows up against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, all the better!

I really, really love shopping for fall clothes. I hoard boots and scarves. Even if two pair of boots look exactly the same, I want them both.

Now that the weather is colder, I’m enjoying the excuse to curl up with tea and a good book for hours on end. Especially on a gloomy day, books make everything better.

What are your fave things to do in the fall?

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24 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Fave things to do in the fall

  1. Oh, I am the same with boots! :) I need to search for Scentsy warmers. I have never heard of them but they sound perfect since my kitties are very curious and I always worry about them catching fire. I love cooking and baking too and I hope you will share your recipes because everything you made sounds delicious! :) Please?? :)

    1. You can always find them online, too. The ones I have plug in like nightlights so they do double duty!

      I need to put more recipes on the blog! Sadly we were in a gobble-gobble mood and I didn’t take any pictures of the food. :P So maybe this weekend I can get proper pictures to go with the recipes!!

  2. I love taking in the scenery, I live in the mountains and we get a ton of color in the leaves here. I also enjoy the fall scented candles, I got one from Walmart the other day made by Glade in the scent Toasted Marshmallow and I can’t quit putting it on my candle warmer :)

  3. Haha…baking is my thing to do in the fall/winter too. Guess that’s why my pants are so damn tight when New Year’s rolls around lol. I need more boots to wear this year.

  4. Mmmmm fall and winter cooking is the best!!! All the yummy comfort foods, gathering around the stove, the yummy smells! Great stuff! I’m not doing much shopping these days, but I do love shopping for fall very much!

  5. This is my first fall and I am loving it! I love shopping (because obviously my winter things are too hot and my summer things too cool) and I love blogging, reading, hanging out with friends and sleeping, all while cuddling up to my hot water bottle! :)

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  6. Oh man, I love making soups and stews.. my favorite is chicken corn soup, which is a Pennsylvania thing – it’s chicken, corn (preferably off the cob with the juices), eggs, peppercorns, and either an egg noodle or drop dumplings.


  7. I’m gonna have to look into those scentsy warmers – I all but gave up candles on account of three cute but mischievous kitties! Ddue, I am SO with you on tea, cosiness and reading in the fall. And the scarves thing. I *may* have purchased three already this year. Ahem.

    1. The Scentsy warmers are so awesome! I’ve been surprised at how long the wax lasts, too. I’m trying to stay out of the stores so I won’t be tempted to add to my scarf collection :)

  8. Shopping is what I love most about fall this year. I’ve been really getting into skirts worn with stockings / leggings and that’s opened up a whole new look for me hehe. And I love boots too! :D

    ~ Yun

  9. Everything you just listed are my favorite things! Especially the candles..and the coffee..and the tea..and all of it!

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