Random Thursday: Let’s get spooky! Halloween faves

I’m not a big Halloween person per se, but if there’s one thing I do like, it’s handing out candy to trick or treaters. I couldn’t even say why–I think it’s because I love to surprise people and I love to give things to people, so giving little kids candy is right up my alley. Kids just have this way of getting so excited over the small things, like a handful of candy, you can’t help but smile!

I also like dressing up, just because I have a huge imagination and I love the excuse to put together something really crazy. Sadly, this year I have to work and managers can’t dress up (boo), so no costume for me. I had a steampunk costume all planned out, too. Oh well.

What I don’t like about Halloween: the fact that I have to keep the cats inside for their own safety. If you have a black cat, please keep them indoors so they don’t become the target of mischief from people with small minds and no hearts. Had to make that PSA!

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19 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Let’s get spooky! Halloween faves

  1. my mom was never into halloween (she thought it was about satan), so as an adult, i’m all into it: dressing up, decorating (nothing scary, just pumpkins…more of a fall thing), candy, even my dog is dressed up since i have no kids. he’s lucky he’s a boy!!

  2. You are so sweet!:) Sorry you can’t dress up, I am sure your costume would have been awesome!
    I am still shocked that people can be so cruel. It should not shock me anymore. I have not even hurt about this before I moved to America.

    1. I have a little black cat and he is LIVID with me that I have kept him in all day but I keep telling him “Harrison, it’s for your own good!” He doesn’t understand me though :(

    2. I have a little black cat named Harrison, and he is absolutely LIVID with me that I have kept him inside all day. I keep telling him it’s for his own good, but he keeps staring at me angrily.

  3. Aww I can’t believe people would do that to cats. :( I wish more trick-or-treaters came to our place. The first year we moved in, we went home from work early to beat the traffic, and we were so excited. But only 3 kids showed up in total for the whole night. It made me really sad. So we’re not heading home early this year.

    ~ Yun

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