Ten on Tuesday: promotions, packages, and plenty of books

1. Big drum roll for big news…I got a promotion! I’m moving up into a managerial position, and I’m thrilled. It’s going to be challenging, but I’m ready for a change and quite frankly, I was getting really bored with my old position. I need change and new tasks to tackle.

2. I had the worst craving for strawberry lemonade today, and I don’t even know why.

3. I’ve had the worst head cold all week, but I think it’s finally subsiding. I am swearing by Emergen-C–that blast of liquid vitamins does more than you’d think to keep you on your feet all night.

4. I finally broke down and ordered a vegan Conscious Box after finding a code for a free box (you still pay the shipping fee). If you want to try the code too, it’s “FIRSTBOXFREE”. I can’t wait to see what kinds of goodies are inside–with so few vegan friends (um, okay, just one!) it’s hard to get recommendations for products, and I hate buying the full size of something that I might not like.

5. Thank you Amanda for the book swap package! I’m trying to keep my mitts off the big stack of to-read’s on my coffee table until my weekend chores are done. But honestly all I want to do after my long week is curl up with tea and a book.

6. And thank you to Katrin for my birthday package all the way from Germany! I have a really cool polish to show off here on the blog, probably tomorrow or Thursday. It will probably be my Polish of the Month, it’s so pretty :)

7. I used to guzzle coffee, but lately I’ve become a bit of a tea junkie. I still love my java, I’m just really loving all the flavors and aromas of tea.

8. I read the middle installments of two different trilogies this week and didn’t like either one. Or rather, they were merely middling (ha!), but a big letdown from the first installments. I think I’ll read some standalone novels now and hopefully the next series/sequel I pick up will be much better.

9. I have realized I’m addicted to books. I credit my parents for all those weekly (or more often) trips to the library to replenish our reading stash. I’ve realized that I’m much happier and more mentally alert when I’m tearing through books rather than leafing through magazines or skimming the internet.

10. Can you guys believe it’s almost November?! Seriously, where did the month go?!

18 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: promotions, packages, and plenty of books

  1. Aw man don’t even remind me October is almost over. Time flies! Congrats on your promotion! Oh I’m sure it will keep you busy and not bored. I spend most of my days hearing and dealing with problems. I guess that comes with the package.

  2. The time did really go by fast this month! Congratulations on your promotion! That’s super duper awesome. :D

    ~ Yun

  3. Congratulations, Martha! That is fantastic! You totally deserve this! You should be the boss of the whole company! :) I am so glad you like my package. It is a bit late for a birthday present but I will send the Christmas package in time. :) As I said, I have some more things I want to send you! Hope you are feeling better!

  4. My mother is OBSESSED with Emergen-C. She seriously hoards it and gives it out like free candy, doing so much promotion for them. She LOVES it. I am glad you are feeling better–colds suck!!!! (I know because I have one right now) I have also become obsessed with teas–mostly vanilla chamomile. Mmmmm!!! And congrats on the promotion!!!!

  5. I share your book addiction! There is nothing healthier;) I am re-reading some of the Anne of Green Gables books. They just make me feel so warm and happy…so does a good cup of herbal tea.

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