Glowy winter makeup (selfie)

Well, I suppose I kind of failed at BEDN–I skipped out yesterday because I was way too tired from work to even check my e-mail, let alone sit down and compose a post. Today’s prompt is supposed to be writing about something outside of your comfort zone, but sadly today I am again drawing a blank on a proper post!

However, I do have something that kind of counts–a selfie from our movie date night last week. I feel weird posting selfies either on the blog or social media, probably just because I am not used to it. So here you go! (Sorry for the grainy quality, I didn’t have time to dig out the real camera for a snapshot.)

It was a chilly, snowy day, so I went with a knit hat and fluffy scarf to keep me warm. To get a low-makeup look that was rosy and bright, I used a tinted moisturizer all over to subtly warm up my skin tone, then used a blend of peach and wine blushes to warm up my cheeks. A generous amount of highlighter on cheek and brow bones and in the inner corner of the eyes adds more glow. I used  waterproof mascara (to avoid smudging in the damp) and a trace of creamy pencil on the waterline to brighten my eyes. A slick of lip balm and light pink gloss finished it all off.

22 thoughts on “Glowy winter makeup (selfie)

    1. Thanks :) Not a lot, but we get a dusting once in a while! We haven’t had very snowy winters the last couple of years, but a few years ago we had so much snow that some local businesses closed down for a week for roof shoveling/repairs because the roofs were ready to cave in! I’d be cool with not having that much snow this year. :P

  1. You look so lovely – I think most people would guess you have no makeup on at all! Which we all know is the hardest look to achieve ;) Also taking Selfies is impossible – I don’t know how people do it – so good job on that too ;)

    1. Thanks! The secret is lots of moisturizer and a moisturizing foundation or tinted moisturizer (my pick); regular foundation just sticks and makes dry skin look worse. I’ll still use a mattifying primer just over the t-zone but otherwise I skip anything mattifying or powdery.

  2. Aw, you look so pretty!

    I know how you feel about selfies, I am exactly the same way…but I also know that other people like seeing the person they are reading every once in a while!

  3. Your makeup looks lovely! My daughter is 6 and OBSESSED with the selfie. It is so funny. I get on my iPad sometimes and see like 60 new photos of her. Nearly the same photo. This is a great shot of you, though, and I love your hat!

    1. I seem to have a lot of problems with comments not showing up! I don’t know if it’s just Blogger or if there’s some HTML in my blog that’s malfunctioning. Aggravating. And you’re too sweet :)

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