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Polish swatch: Essence Chic Reloaded

The other day when I was checking out Christine’s weekly polish picks over at MakeUp Guinea Pig, I saw she’d swatched a polish that looked quite familiar–Chic Reloaded from Essence, which I actually managed to pick up a few months ago and then never remembered to test out! So I thought I would swatch it to see what it looks like in person.

Chic Reloaded is a metallic steel grey with a purple/green shift. Depending on the lighting, it may appear to be a very dark grey, a deep shimmery jade green, or a smoky purple. Unfortunately the color shift is not very strong and if you’re not looking for it, it will probably just look like a dark grey polish. Here in natural light you can see a small amount of the color shift, but once you’re in artificial light I feel like you have to really look for the duochrome to see it. Altogether, though, it is a nice autumn/winter polish, and super-cheap too–I think it’s about $2.

I tore a nail at work this week and ended up cutting them all down to nubbins (I hate having long nails and one shortie in the mix!), but I’ll give myself points for being more faithful to my cuticle cream, so at least my knuckles and cuticles don’t look so ragged this week!


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