Review: Graze Box December 2013

Today I have another Graze box to open up for you. Graze offers bi-weekly or monthly boxes full of nutritious and natural snacks for $6; you can choose from special options like gluten-free or vegan (my choice, obviously) and you can rate the snacks you like or dislike to streamline the offerings in your future boxes. If you’re interested in learning more you can visit their website.

This month’s box sadly had no chocolate (boo). The America’s Nut Mix, with almonds, Brazil nuts, pecans and redskin peanuts was just okay, but it didn’t seem like anything different than what you can buy at the regular grocery store.

The Pina Colada was a mix of pineapple, coconut and mango. It was a little chewy but tasted good.

My Thai was a tray of soy bites with a spicy sweet chili sauce. This was my favorite of the box and I would certainly love to have a full-sized portion to munch on during movie nights on the couch!

Finally I got a tray of Fruit & Seed Flapjacks, which are oat granola bars with seeds and dried fruits. These were soft and chewy and very tasty.

So that’s it for my December Graze box! Have you ever tried Graze? Any favorite snack or subscription boxes that you look forward to each month?

14 thoughts on “Review: Graze Box December 2013

    1. Most of them seem to be around 100-150 calories with some closer to 200 calories, but you can also choose the “light” box option to ensure you only get snacks between 50 and 150 calories.

  1. Looks so delicious hehe! That My Thai tray looks especially good. :D
    Happy New Year! Hope your 2014 is a wonderful one! <3

    ~ Yun

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