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    Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday: Biebs, karma, and cold weather

    I’m linking up again with Amber from Airing My Dirty Laundry for Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday! This week, it’s okay…

    …to not be one bit shocked that Justin Bieber is in the slammer.

    …to secretly hope he’ll be deported. That’s possible, right?

    …to think that woman who blogged about how much she hates mothers has no soul.

    …and also to hope her own mother disowns her. Karma’s a beeyotch.

    …to sit under an electric blanket so you can enjoy ice cream without freezing.

    …to want snow but not want to shovel it.

    …also, to want snow but not want it to be so damn cold.

    What are you okay with this week?

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    Ten on Tuesday: stalky

    1. Am I the only one who stalks the mailman when I’m waiting on a package?

    2. And also, blogs. If you have some sort of “you might also like…” linky on your posts, prepare to be post-stalked. Especially if I’m trying to avoid working on posts of my own. (But I’m a good post-stalker and leave lots of comments, so win-win.)

    3. I just found this girl’s blog and she tells the best stories. The ‘Karly’s Keywords’ posts had me in stitches. I may or may not have read all of them.

    4. Also: Pinterest stalking. Totally a thing. Excellent way to see if we would be good friends in real life. You also post inappropriate humor, death by chocolate recipes and an outlandish number of cute baby animals? We should pursue this further.

    5. Totally switching topics…I can’t believe January is almost over. Where did it go?

    6. It’s trying to snow here, but it’s mostly just sleeting and melting. Apparently there is more snow in Atlanta right now than in my yard. Not fair.

    7. Typos in magazines really bother me. Like, you’re a nationally delivered publication with a giant editorial board, surely you have a copywriter to catch these errors?!

    8. I found a vegan bakery nearby that I never knew existed, so now I’m planning an epic cupcake eating expedition for Valentine’s Day!!! I can’t wait. Apparently they have flavors like chocolate peanut butter, carrot cake, chocolate peppermint, coconut, orange cream…oops, I’m drooling.

    9. I finally figured out how to add a Pin button to my blog pictures…so now if you hover, you’ll see my little Pinterest cat pop up in the upper left-hand corner. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I assumed it would be, thanks to this tutorial.

    10. Also–I finally got a treadmill! It’s just a little one, nothing fancy, but I’m so excited. Now I can watch TV while I work out. So. Much. Win.

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    Healthy eating: kale, quinoa & sweet potato soup

    Today I have an easy, healthy and tasty recipe to share with you: kale, quinoa and sweet potato soup. This dish requires only four ingredients, freezes easily, and is not only vegan but also free of soy and gluten. The combo of ingredients stuffs a ton of protein, fiber, iron and other vitamins & minerals into a fairly low-cal package, making it a great healthy option for “diet” days or anytime you need to get the maximum nutrients possible from your meal.

    You’ll need:

    • Three quarts vegetable stock (about twelve cups)
    • Several cups washed chopped kale
    • Five or six large sweet potatoes
    • Cooked quinoa–I cook a 26-oz. package of Bob’s Red Mill Organic Quinoa, which yields about twelve cups


    Peel and chop up the sweet potatoes and add them to the vegetable stock. Cook over medium high heat until potatoes are nearly tender; add kale and cook an additional ten minutes. Dish quinoa into bowls and ladle soup over the top; add salt & pepper or other seasonings to taste.

    Obviously this makes a LOT of soup. If you’re cooking for one or don’t plan on freezing any of the soup for a later date, then you might want to halve this recipe to avoid soup burnout. I prefer to store the soup and quinoa in separate containers in the fridge so the quinoa won’t soak up all of the broth overnight, but if you’re ladling this into single-serve Ziploc containers to freeze for later then I wouldn’t worry about separate storage.

    So now you know what I’m eating this week! Do you have a healthy dinner recipe to share with me? (Don’t forget, you still have time to add your healthy recipes to the January Recipe Writers link-up!)