EcoTools Flawless Face brush set GIVEAWAY (international)

It’s been forever since I last did a giveaway, so I thought I would pick up a prize as a sort of belated “happy Valentines day” for you lovely readers. This gorgeous five-piece mini brush set from EcoTools caught my eye and I thought it would be just perfect!

This giveaway is open internationally through the end of the month; the last day to enter is February 28th and I’ll be moderating the entries and contacting the winner by March 3rd. To enter, just use the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of this post. Boom! That’s it.

Please click on the “terms and conditions” tab at the bottom of the widget if you would like to see the full giveaway rules. Thanks for reading, and good luck!

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252 thoughts on “EcoTools Flawless Face brush set GIVEAWAY (international)

  1. Brilliant giveaway – these brushes have been on my wishlist for months! I have 5 brushes – mostly for the eyes though!

  2. First- this is such a nice giveaway! I have almost bought these twice! Now how many brushes do I have… like 40? I know, I know it’s shameful! But I use about 7 of them regularly.

  3. WOW! what a lovely giveaway!!
    I have cheap kirkland brush set and then the crownbrush set and one ecotools blush brush! that’s it.
    Sometimes when I am in hurry,i only use my fingers.[lol] ☺

    have a nice weekend! ♥

  4. Great giveaway as usual, Martha! :) Thank you! I think I only own 4 or 5. I use such an egg for my make up which works fine for me and then I have one for the blush, two for eyeshadows…and I guess some more. :)

  5. Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I own about 20 brushes but all except 5 of those are $1 ones from e.l.f. that are quite literally falling apart…. :)

  6. I have a small set I bought. Not very fancy – probably about 6, plus a few cheapies that were included with a purchase for something else…8?

  7. i haven’t counted. i only use a handful on a regular basis, but i would guess i have 50-ish brushes, counting multiple “sets” …. o.O

  8. I am so ashamed but I own just three: for powder, blush and makeup :/
    I gusess I’m in a need of a more elaborate set. Fingers crossed!!

  9. I only have four and they are not that nice unlike your giveaway. Its very trendy loving the art design that’s why I joined.

    Hoping to have those.. :D

    More power & God bless

  10. I have far too many brushes, this however is because I do makeup professionally, I have two sets, one for using and one that’s to be cleaned. Personal brush collection is totally different, I only have 12 these inc eye, lip, face and brow. I’ve never used Eco Tools, so it would be fun to see what they’re like. Thank you for a brilliant giveaway! x

  11. ❤❤ Thank you so much for the giveaway! ❤❤
    I just own 3 makeup brushes: A gel liner brush that I bought from a craft store :), a powder brush I got from my mom and a small blush brush that was included in an old blush.
    Definitely need more! (^_^)

  12. 4 brush so far. I think i need to have more brushes =)
    Well,, thank you for this giveaway. I think this is my chance to try to have a new brushes! XD

  13. A powder brush, a fundation brush and a general eyeshadow brush :o
    Thanks for giving us the chance to partecipate in this giveaway! The set looks so cute <3

  14. A powder brush, a fundation brush and a general eyeshadow brush.
    Thanks for giving us the chance to partecipate in this giveaway :) This brush set is really pretty <3

  15. Well I have 6 brushes, but I’ve been using them for years,so I think that I need to replace them with those 5 ones. Thnaks for the giveaway.

  16. Thank you so much!!!!
    I Own, well this is very sad and embarrassing, only 2 brushes!!! I could love to win this giveaway! :)

    THANK YOU! :)

  17. I own about a dozen but some are several years old and rarely used. Might have scratched my skin off or I didn’t have any idea what to use them for. ;)

  18. I own lots of brushes, maybe over 100, I haven’t counted them, lol. I use them all the time, since I’m a makeup artist, but I feel I need more brushes.
    ps I’m Elena Rudaya in the Rafflecopter form

  19. I have about 15 brushes but i still need more . Some of them are from abbamart , real techniques, and a set from an un-named brand :P

  20. I have only 4 brushes, which results in some creativity when trying certain looks. At least it means my brushes get washed regularly, as I’m using them for different things!

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