Hey, It’s Okay…on a Wednesday

I’m linking up (albeit belatedly) with Amber from Airing My Dirty Laundey for Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday! Except that this week, it’s more like Hey, It’s Okay To Be Late And Posting On A Wednesday. Just the first of several things I’m okay with this week, including but certainly not limited to…

…drinking too much coffee this weekend. It’s cold out!

…gluing myself to the window like a plant to soak up some of this glorious sunshine. It’s freezing here, but I’m loving the sun–I can’t stand the gloom!

…being anti-social, because being social would require going outside, and it’s too cold for that nonsense.

…lying awake steaming because I feel that one movie is a rip-off of another. We just watched Moon on DVD and about fifteen minutes in, I started to get the uneasy feeling that I’d seen it before. You know why? Because the blockbuster Oblivion, which I saw and LOVED last spring, did a fine job of lifting the script. I’m pissed. It’s not a carbon copy and both movies are awesome in their own ways, but the plot twists were just so close that I feel really cheated for having liked Oblivion so much. Make sense? (I will give credit where credit is due and say that Oblivion had a better “What the bleep” reveal moment. Watch them both if you have time.)

What are you okay with this week?

10 thoughts on “Hey, It’s Okay…on a Wednesday

  1. I’m definitely ok with being anti-social, lol. I don’t really like to talk to people in general, just those I am close to. It snowed last night and I’m ok with it too. I’d rather have snow than bitter cold temperature.

  2. I am okay with drinking too much coffee as well because that is what I did too. :) But I am trying to drink more tea now and only 2-3 cups of coffee a day. I have not seen any of these movies but I guess I will check them out. :) Sorry you felt so pissed about it!

  3. Ha, I liked the social part! And you’re so right, it’s been sunny here and I’m finally opening our curtains. Feels so good! I’m totally okay with wearing my Ugg slippers in public this week, because hey, I worked all day and my feet deserve a break. :)

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