Julep Feb’14 Maven swatches!

Happy Monday everyone! Here are the swatches from my February Julep Maven box.

I decided to use Roc Solid (a vintage army green creme) on my fingers with Kristen (teal with silver microshimmer) as an accent. I’m really not loving the formula on Roc Solid; it’s so thick as to be almost unmanageable, making for a splotchy manicure, and I had pretty noticeable tip wear after just one day of wear. I think it will just take a little patience to make it look decent for future manicures.

Kristen, on the other hand, is a dream. It’s not too thick or thin and is completely opaque in a single coat. Like most dark blues/greens, it does stain pretty badly. For this mani I did a coat of Julep Sienna (an antique gold) on my accent nail and topped it with a heavy coat of Love (gold/fuchsia microglitter).

Here’s a single coat of Love on bare nails. It’s very pretty but very sheer, so you can either use it solo for a subtle effect or layer it over a base. One of my friends sampled it over pink and purple with great results.

Judi is a deep purple creme. This is a perfect pedicure color and almost a one-coater. Here I’ve used Cameron (lilac matte glitter) as an accent on my big toes; this polish was a one-coater and dried very quickly, making it a great quickie mani-pedi color. (Excuse the catnip all over the scratching post–it was the best place to prop up my foot in the fading daylight!)

Here’s Judi again, this time with two coats. Obviously it’s much darker with that second coat, which is fine by me. It’s a very royal color and was not too thick or thin.

I really want to try Cameron as an accent with Zoya Marley, since the two seem to be the same shade of lilac. I’ve also got all of my new Zoyas to swatch this week, so hopefully I’ll have a nice big swatch post up later in the week!

54 thoughts on “Julep Feb’14 Maven swatches!

  1. I really love those sparkly metallic colors! But I’m pretty sure as a Denverite I would not be able to wear the gold and green–it’s too soon. Even though I don’t love football at all. My nails are currently green and coral and my daughter said it was an abomination. Woops!

  2. I am really loving gold sparkly nail polish right now. I love how you paired it with a darker color. I”m always afraid to mix and match, but I really like how it looks!

  3. I love Cameron! I had to stop buying nail polish because my collection was too out of control, but every month I am so tempted by Julep

  4. I broke my left big toe a few months ago and I can’t wait until I can get a proper pedicure with nail polish. Right now my nail needs to breathe. Stopping by from SITS comment love.

  5. Oh, those colors are gorgeous. I really love the greens, but the gold is beautiful and the sparkles — well, how can you go wrong with sparkles?!

  6. LOVE all the colors! If only I was good at painting my nails! I try and try, but it always looks like a toddler did it. {Stopping by from The Love Nerds and SITS}

  7. LOVE the one-toe sparkle! So cute! What a bunch of fun colors to try ~ thanks for sharing. SITS sis here =) Marcy @ day2day SuperMom

  8. I really like the antique gold nail polish. Those are really fun colours that you tried. Thanks for sharing. (from SITS).

  9. I loved the love. I finally, after months of unpolished toes, got OPI Strawberry Daiquiri on my toes and even my 4 y o noticed ;)

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