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To be honest, I don’t do a lot of online shopping. I tend to be leery of sizing, return policies and other issues, so I usually just hoof it to a brick-and-mortar store to make my purchases. There’s also the fact that lots of my favorite nooks don’t have an online presence, since they’re independent and not a chain. However, there are a few sites I really like.

I’d be lying if I didn’t include Amazon as one of my favorite places to find stuff online. I know that’s terribly generic, but where else can you find coffee, books, pillow slipcovers and a new handbag all in one place? Ditto for Etsy, site of all things magical and wonderful.

Even though most of the site is above my budget, I also really love browsing Piperlime, just for fashion inspiration. Ditto for Anthropologie, which is gorgeous but obviously won’t yield any real purchases any time soon! For more affordable stuff, I love Lulu’s and ASOS. People Tree, Fashion Conscience and One Mango Tree have great fair-trade and sustainable fashions at fairly affordable price points.

On the beauty front, Soap.com and White Rabbit Beauty are great ways to find the brands you wish were stocked at the local drugstore. White Rabbit sells only Leaping Bunny approved products, and helpfully sorts out items as vegan, fragrance free and gluten-free.

So there are a few recommendations from this online challenged shopper. Any sites you think I should know about?

24 thoughts on “Random Thursday: IMO the best online shop is…

  1. I love White Rabbit Beauty! They really have a great selection! I wish you could get all that stuff in a normal drug store! Thanks so much for always linking up, dear! You rock so much!

  2. I LOVE online shopping. I buy so much online. It’s just happened gradually, but I love it. I hate going to regular stores now! I’m sure you know about Zappos for shoes and purses, but I LOVE them. Their returns are so easy, too. I never thought I’d buy shoes online, but Zappos changed that!! –Lisa

  3. I’m not very creative when it comes to online shopping either, Amazon is usually my go-to site. But, I do think that etsy has to be one of the greatest ideas ever!

  4. We bought Amazon Prime a few years back because we do all of our holiday shopping there and it has been AMAZING. I know that it is, as you say, generic but it is so darn affordable and effortless! I love Anthro’s clothes but darn it they are WAAAAY overpriced. I am a sucker for F21 online for sure, but only when I have something specific and trendy in mind that I know I can’t thrift.

  5. I love window shopping at home from my PJ’s! :) I usually head to Amazon. 6pm.com, or Sephora.com if I’m feeling the shopping thing!

  6. I love Amazon too- I buy everything there! But for kids and kitchen I adore zulily. I also bought myself some cute boots there this week!
    Visiting from SITS,
    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place

  7. I love Amazon but it’s a bummer they don’t take paypal. I also like shopping on Hautelook. It can get addicting. There’s always something I like and on sale.

  8. I am addicted to Amazon. It’s so convenient! And I love Piperlime, especially when they have sales like an additional 60% off final sale. I got some killer deals not too long ago!

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