Random Thursday: I started blogging because…

I started blogging because I wanted to share my love of makeup and fashion and connect with other girls who felt the same way! Over time the focus of my blog has changed a little: I blog about vegan makeup and fashion now, and I also talk about animals, food, books, music, art, and whatever else pops into my head. But the reason hasn’t changed: I still love “meeting” new people who have similar interests. I’ve met some of my best friends through blogging, and now I finally have a vegan bestie in Katrin, who shares my love of vegan desserts and understands why a baby bat is adorable, even when other people go “What?!”

It’s especially a big deal for me since I live in a small-ish town where things like veganism and an all-consuming love of books make me the odd one out. Since there aren’t a lot of chances for me to find like-minded friends locally, blogging has become the perfect outlet for me to find other people who will understand the joy of finding a vegan substitute for an old favorite food, or nod knowingly when I explain, “I can’t go out today. I have a book to read!”

If you blog, why did you start? Has it been everything you thought it would be?

12 thoughts on “Random Thursday: I started blogging because…

  1. I too started blogging to find and connect with other ladies that shared my love of beauty products. I don’t know if it’s everything I thought it would be, but I enjoy it and I have met a lot of nice ladies that share my interest.

  2. I can relate, I was like ‘the only vegan in the villange’ when I converted in my early 20’s, thankfully thats no longer the case :)

  3. aww that’s nice. Blogging can be an outlet for getting to know people with similar interests. Not gonna lie, in the beginning I did because I joined a site that you earn points for blogging. Points you could use towards merchandise so I figured, why not have my own blog too just in case that site goes downhill. I quit that site long ago because it was getting ridiculous and I was fortunate enough to get my camera before they changed the rules. It almost didn’t happen but for some reason I got lucky. I still continue blogging because I love makeup and its creative side. So it’s a way for me to get creative and hopefully inspire others. And lastly, I like to share my pictures and reviews to help others make informed decisions.

  4. Yup, I enjoy “meeting” new people too.

    Plus, my memory stinks so I’m glad I have a place to write stuff down.

  5. Your answer is lovely. :) I think I started blogging for partly the same reason, that I wanted to share my love of nail polish with others and what keeps me going (or coming back) is all the wonderful people I’ve met as a result of it, yourself included. <3 Also, I started because I wanted to put work into something I enjoy rather than something that is expected of me. That part of it, putting work into a hobby I love and seeing it blossom is the most amazing and fulfilling experience. :)

    ~ Yun

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