Ten on Tuesday: school, TV, and oh yeah, books

1. I’m almost done with my sci-fi lit class and as much as I’ve enjoyed it, I’m kind of relieved. I’m ready to read books for fun again, not because they’re on a syllabus.

2. I knew I would enjoy my modern business class when the professors started referencing Dilbert and The Big Bang Theory!

3. Helllllloooo, spring time! We actually turned the heat off and opened the windows two days in a row. (Just a crack, and I’m wearing my fuzzy bathrobe, but still–the house stayed at 66 degrees.) It feels great to get that fresh air inside.

4. I can no longer claim to be “not a TV person”–I’m hooked on Boardwalk Empire. And yeah, I’m about three seasons behind, but it’s still awesome.


5. Are you going to see Divergent? I loved the first book and hated the second and third ones. I do like Shailene Woodley but overall I’m still feeling kind of “meh” about the whole franchise. And no one, repeat, NO ONE can replace Katniss!

6. I need this pin! (From Etsy seller beanforest)


7. So true.


8. Speaking of books–take this Buzzfeed quiz to find out what type of book you are! I’m a secondhand book, apparently.

9. By the way, those Buzzfeed quizzes are evil. Talk about a time suck!

10. If I buy one new pair of shoes for spring, it will probably be these. You can’t go wrong with Chucks.



18 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: school, TV, and oh yeah, books

  1. #1 I know what you mean! Hope you can find some more time for the books you love!
    #2 So cool!
    #3 I love the smell of spring!
    #4 I only watched the first season so far but loved it!
    #5 Still haven’t read the books but I should do that soon!
    #6 I need this too. :) You know. :)
    #7 Yes, true!
    #8 I am a library book. Don’t know what that exactly says about me. :)
    #9 I always try not to take to many of them!
    #10 Love that color! Want them too! The last pair I got is white!

  2. 1. As much as I like to read, I HATED reading in school, just because they told me I had to!
    3. YES! I’m LOVING opening the windows in the afternoon.
    5. I’m halfway through Divergent and I love it so far and I’ll probably see the movie when I’m finished. But yes, Katniss is bomb.
    9. Yes they are! I say that as I’m about to do the one from #8.
    10. LOVE chucks. I especially like the lavender ones for spring.
    Thanks for linking up!

  3. A sci-fi lit class sounds like so much fun! I am just wrapping up my Web Science class which was amazing! 9Gonna have to take that quiz now1)

  4. I liked Divergent and Allegiant, but not Insurgent. The trailer looks good but I will be going with low expectations because we all know movies are never as good as the books!

  5. is it spring there? well, it’s not here in ny, it’s bitterly cold today. but there’s still hope.

    and & totally agree with you on the sneakers. I used to hate wearing sneakers and now I own too many pairs.

    have a great day.

  6. I want to see Divergent, but I want to read the books first. The fact that Kate Winslet’s in Divergent means I’ve got to see it eventually lol. :) #6 is so true! :D

    ~ Yun

  7. The weather is absolutely gorgeous here today. Definitely feels like spring. I’m still debating if I want to go see Divergent. None of my kids wants to go with me see a movie, lol.

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