Random Thursday: Things that brighten a yucky day

In no particular order, things that cheer me up on a crappy day:

1. Tea
2. A stack of magazines
3. Chocolate
4. Skyping with my mom
5. Kitty cuddles
6. Pictures of baby animals (or better yet, baby animals in person)
7. Hanging out with my husband, who never fails to make me laugh
8. Walking in the park
9. More tea
10. Vegan cupcakes from Boots Bakery
11. Getting a surprise card in the mail
12. Bubble baths with fancy bath soaps and lotions
13. Music
14. More tea!
15. The humor section of Pinterest
16. A really good book
17. My electric blankets
18. Ice cream. The chocolate coconut milk from So Delicious is divine.
19. Vegan Pad Thai. Takeout of course, so I have to neither cook nor clean up.
20. Even more tea!

What cheers you up on a yucky day?


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