Blog every day in July, #22: Things that make me go “hmm”


I’ll be honest, there are a lot of things that make go “hmm”, and a lot of them are probably wading far too deep into controversial waters to post on a fairly light-hearted blog. So I’ll try to keep this list fairly PG.

People who don’t like reading

Do you not like stories? Maybe you just haven’t found the right kind of book. Maybe you need glasses? Maybe you aren’t used to using your imagination? I can’t imagine life without stories, so people who are content to do without puzzle me.

People who think their opinion on kids will change my mind

A lot of people seem to think that it’s their duty to convince me I really, really want kids and just don’t know it yet. Like, I somehow don’t know my own mind. They will take every opportunity to tell me this, even after the umpteenth time of being politely asked to just drop it. When I was 18 I thought this was some sort of child-to-adult rite of passage and would wear off with time, but it hasn’t.

Adding to this, lots of these same people love to tell me about all the ways their kids are ruining their lives. They tell me about their kids pooping on the carpet in front of company or something and seem to think this will add to the appeal. WTF?

Five-day work weeks

A four-day week tacks on only an additional two hours of work per day, yet yields a full extra day off to do as you please–hang out with family, go to school, catch up on sleep, whatever. It should be mandatory for improved worker happiness and productivity. And maybe then we wouldn’t all look like this polar bear on day #5.

Being hyper-awake when I need to sleep, and vice versa

It’s just wrong and unfair and hmmmzzzzzz…

People who say they love animals, but eat meat/wear fur

I know I’m venturing into politically incorrect waters here, but this one baffles me. If you love animals, why would you eat meat, wear fur and/or use cosmetics tested on animals? It makes no sense to me.

What we do and don’t censor on TV

Puzzled here. People are pretty fine with the Victoria’s Secret show airing on primetime TV, but they get freaked out if someone says “fuck”. Smoking a cigarette requires a warning in the movie rating box, but not drinking (some of the time). We also have pretty weird attitudes about violence–like, it’s okay in an animated movie or a superhero flick, because it’s clearly pretend, but if it seems too realistic (like a documentary) we get squeamish. I’m hardly a prude, but I do wonder how the folks at the FCC make their decisions.

Fashion magazines/street style blogs

A lot of the stuff on there is just hideous. Who actually thinks this stuff looks good?

People who claim to love exercise

I don’t know anyone who actually enjoys working out and eating right, and hates watching TV and eating nachos. I mean yeah, I love the feeling of being healthy, but…nachos. I think you’re all liars.

What makes you go “hmmm”? Tell me in the comments!

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20 thoughts on “Blog every day in July, #22: Things that make me go “hmm”

  1. What I would like to know is why anyone would want to convince you to have kids?! Isn’t that a severely personal choice? Like how does it benefit anyone else to convince you that you need kids? Not to mention how effed up our current world is. I applaud your decision. Not that you asked for my approval :D

    1. LOL it’s weird! Some of them have this religious thing about it, like it’s morally wrong to use family planning. And then lots of them are like, “But you just don’t realize what you’re missing! Someday you’ll regret it!” And what if I have them and regret it? They don’t exactly come with a return receipt. :P

  2. I agree on the meat. I guess people mean that they love some animals (cats, dogs..) but not all. I don’t know.
    Haha, I do not love exercise either. I am trying to keep up with it because I want to be fit but I cannot believe that people actually enjoy JM workouts. :)
    And I do not get the censoring either, especially in the US. In Germany you are fine to say fuck I think.

  3. LOL I love to work out and be healthy, BUT also give me all the nachos and netflix.
    And I’d totally be down for working 2 extra hours a day (I pretty much do anyway) if I could have another day off a week…who do we have to talk to to make this happen?

    1. Yes! I wish this work schedule would become more popular…I guess maybe they’re worried about not having enough employees to cover all the shifts in a week? I don’t know.

  4. SUCH a great list. I really don’t understand people who don’t like to read. Seriously. When I ask someone what kind of books they like and they go, “oh, I don’t read,” my usual response is to blink a couple of times, walk away, and later pretend the conversation never took place. Because WRONG.

    Have you watched This Film Is Not Yet Rated? It’s a documentary that came out in 2006, which is basically an expose about how the USA’s film rating board works (or doesn’t). I used to work in film classification in Canada, and we watched it at work one day. The ratings board in the US is pretty much the only one whose members are anonymous and that has no official rules as to how ratings are awarded. There are a lot of contradictions, big movies tend to be able to get away with a lot more than indie films, there are gender biases and all sorts of other scary things. So you’re totally right – the ratings make no sense, because they’re actually not regulated, it’s very much down to personal opinion/bias. It’s a good watch; I’d recommend it.

  5. Ugh, the kids thing. The smug assurance that you WILL change your mind because obviously childbearing is your womanly duty and you are incomplete until having reproduced. I feel your pain.

    I also get annoyed when people say they don’t watch news because they only want to have happy things in their lives. It’s this ‘head on the sand’ attitude that allows bad things to happen in the first place. Its similar to people who eat meat but don’t want to know where it comes from.

    1. Amen! I’ve been told I’ll get depressed if I don’t have kids. Ugh.

      I can’t stand that mentality either. Just because you ignore something doesn’t mean it ceases to exist!

  6. Haha this post is awesome. As for people who don’t read, I don’t get that either. There’s something soo wonderful about using your imagination and getting lost in a book. How can there be anyone who doesn’t get that?

    That polar bear is so like me, pretty much every day at work. I would love a 4 day work-week, but keeping it at 8 hours a day. I don’t think I can survive 10 hours of work a day lol.

    ~ Yun

  7. Ha! Great list! Although I admit–I’m not a reader. Mostly this is due to a time restraint. And I’m afraid that taking way too many college classes at once while working full time and being a single mother might have soiled my “love” of reading. I totally get the kid comments. Some people want kids, some don’t. Who cares either way! I get bombarded with comments for having four kids. So what? I take care of them without any assistance from you {person giving comment} so buzz off! And working out sucks! I do enjoy healthy foods and exercise can be fun, but HAVING to do it? It’s for the birds.

    1. People just love to judge, I think! Yeah, once exercise becomes a “have-to” it’s like…ugh. I like to find things that don’t *feel* like working out so I can trick myself into doing them.

  8. You know I never really questioned why I eat meat. I ate it all my life and if you asked me I would say because it tastes good and it’s nourishment for me. Our ancestors ate meat. Centuries ago humans ate meat. Meat is food and so is vegetables and fruits. People eat what they consider food.
    I like the way the Lion King explains the circle of life. The meaning of it is that when something dies, it also can give or renew life for another.
    What we eat is personal choice, whether is is based on your religion, health, or personal beliefs. And yes unfortunately we are always going to be judged by what we eat and what we do. Discrimination is something that will never go away until people learn to respect each other’s beliefs and choices.

    1. I’ve always had a lot of respect for the way the Native Americans treated the act of hunting. There was a lot of reverence for the animal and the gift of food provided, and no part went to waste. Modern attitudes about hunting bother me though. I think people have forgotten that all life is interconnected, like you say.

  9. I feel you on the kids thing. Just because it was a great life choice for them doesn’t mean it will be for me (and often when I see all the bad things they post about as you mentioned, I kind of have to wonder how that’s supposed to encourage me to make the same choice). As flattering as it is that they think I’d be a good parent, I think I know my own desires and capabilities better than anyone else. If I can barely keep up with the needs and occasional annoyances that come with multiple dogs, I can’t imagine adding a human being (or more because people always seem to think you need at least two kids) to the mix. I’m sure I would manage if I wanted to but I just don’t have the desire. I kind of thought I might “grow into it” but I’m almost 30. That hasn’t happened yet and I am willing to be it won’t.

    I also agree with you about 5 day work weeks. I wouldn’t say 10 hour days have to be mandatory because some people would hate that too, but I definitely appreciated the job I had where it was an option. I actually worked 10-12 hours depending on the day and got 3 days off. That was one of the few things I loved about that job and I wish more fields had it as an option. In addition to giving people an extra day of down time a week, it also makes scheduling vacations easier. Even for those that don’t allow flexible schedule where you could have your 3 days off in one week line up with your 3 days off the next to get a 6 day break without vacation time, one could at least still get a 5 day break only using 2 days of vacation. More vacations a year out of the same vacation package would make more employees more happy and happy employees get more done…should be a no brainer. :)

    1. You’d think managers would see the benefits to scheduling and morale, but I guess we’re all mired in tradition. I hear a lot that there wouldn’t be enough employees to cover the shifts all seven days of the week if everyone worked only four days instead of five, so maybe sometimes there’s a good reason for it.

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