Ten on Tuesday: the oldest trick and fresh herbs

1. I can’t stop laughing at this TV ad. Madest thou look!


2. I’ve starting snipping the herb garden to dry. We have bundles hanging from the ceiling, which makes me feel vaguely like a medieval medicine woman.

3. The power was out again last night! That’s the downside of summer storms, I guess. Nothing like trying to get ready for work in the pitch dark.

4. I just discovered dark chocolate almond milk and I’m in love.

5. This month I’ll celebrate seven years at my job. Seven! I can’t believe it’s been that long.

6. Flipping through the fall fashion magazines, I’m realizing that a lot of the hot clothes are items I already have in my closet from a few years ago. Total win!

7. I can’t stop eating chips and guacamole.

8. Excellent belated birthday present from one of my besties: bright green Chuck Taylors. My mom got me hot pink for my birthday, so now I have two awesome pairs to wear everywhere!

9. We got a new boss in Saturday night (actually an old one that I’ve worked with in the past) and he’s driving one of my other bosses crazy. It’s kind of funny to watch, in that terrible way that you enjoy seeing someone annoying be annoyed by another person. I don’t know of a delicate way to tell him that I know exactly how to keep this guy happy without implying that he’s doing a terrible job, so I guess I’ll just sit back for now and shake my head.

10. It drives me nuts when someone nags at you to be speedy in answering their emails, then takes forever to get back to you. It’s just rude, and it makes it really hard to complete work if you’re waiting on a response!

21 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: the oldest trick and fresh herbs

  1. 1. That commercial makes me laugh.

    3. That sucks. I hate when the power goes out.

    5. Congratulations!

    6. I’ve noticed that denim and lace are big this year.

    7. For me, it’s chips and white queso

    8. Yay!

    10. That bugs me too. At least acknowledge that you got my message.

  2. 1. Haha.
    2. That is so cool! Love it!
    3. I am sure that was no fun at all!
    4. I got some a couple of days ago too. It is sooo good!
    5. Congratulations!
    6. Haha that is great! I need to check out some magazines.
    7. I think I am the only person on earth who does not like avocado that much.
    8. Yay! I am sure they look great in pink!

  3. Ha! These things are cracking me up. I love the medicine woman reference. I got an herb garden for Mother’s Day last year and I was so stoked about it . . . but forgot I am the WORST with plants. It didn’t last long. Which is too bad because there is little better in the world than fresh cilantro.

  4. Ugh waiting for email responses are the worst. Sometimes it takes people days or not at all in getting back to you, even for the simplest of questions. *pet peeve*

    Yay for your herb garden. It sounds wonderful to grow your own… they must taste so fresh and smell wonderful.

    Speaking of almond milk, I love ice cream made from that. It tastes so much better than ice cream made from animal milk. :)

    ~ Yun

  5. Have you seen some British TV ads? They come across hilarious especially with the kitties jumping over the hills. Dark chocolate almond milk – that sounds dreamy, what brand is it? Congratulations with your 7-year and happy belated birthday to you, Martha!

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