Beauty do or don’t: matching your lipstick to your dress

Beauty do or don’t? Megan Fox attended Ferrarri’s 60th anniversary gala last week with an interesting beauty/fashion combo: red lipstick that perfectly matched her red gown.


It used to be going matchy-matchy with your makeup and clothing was a bit of a faux pas, but lately celebrities have been rocking this look more often. Personally I think Megan looks great, but I wonder: is this a beauty do or don’t? Is this maybe something you can only pull off when you’re a Hollywood actress in full femme fatale mode at a red carpet event?


If you’re curious about the shade she’s wearing here: it’s Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Creme Lipstick in Icon [$30], but if you want a cheaper, vegan alternative, I would suggest Flower Beauty Kiss Stick High Shine Lip Color in Rose Bud [$6.98 at Walmart stores]. It’s a great classic red! Check out my review here or check out these three swatches and tell me: which one would be your “go-to” red?

Beauty do or don't: matching your lips to your dress? Consider these cruelty-free red lippies!

What do you think? Would you ever wear this look for a daytime/casual everyday event? What beauty do or don’t have you broken recently?

14 thoughts on “Beauty do or don’t: matching your lipstick to your dress

  1. It looks definitely good on her. I love lipstick but never really wear it which honestly needs to change. But I never feel like it looks good on me. I have to say that I have never really thought about the fact that a lipstick should match the outfit…:)

  2. I don’t understand the concept of fashion/beauty faux pas’. It’s supposed to be about expression and enjoyment; if you like it, go for it. To hell with what the paparazzi say about it ;)

  3. I think she just looks amazing. x) I don’t know ANYTHING about fashion though. Goodness, I wear my jeans and nerd shirts everywhere I go and I’m lucky if I’ve done my hair more than brushing it… #amasloppywriter hehe. Megan Fox rocks the red though.

  4. Ha, I love that look, actually. I recently have been trying on putting red lipstick, but I wouldn’t wear it along with my red clothing. I guess I am not confident enough and not sure if it would look good on me lol.

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