GIVEAWAY: Book journal, vegan holiday chocolates, and $10 Amazon gift card (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal pack

Christmas might be over, but I’ve got one holiday giveaway left for the month. :) I love reading–obviously, given my blog title–so I couldn’t resist picking up this cute journal as a giveaway prize. The winner will also get a $10 Amazon gift card to pick up a new book for the new year, and a trio of vegan holiday chocolate bars to enjoy while they read!

The giveaway is open internationally for one week; just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck, and happy holidays to all of you! Thanks so much for reading my blog!

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20 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Book journal, vegan holiday chocolates, and $10 Amazon gift card (INTERNATIONAL)

  1. I did get an Amazon GC to download some of my favorites!!! And my coolest gift was given to be by my hubbie…I am getting a kitchen makeover!!!

  2. *attempts not to drool too much for the chocolate* Omg, I LOVE vegan chocolate. I actually like most chocolate… I am weird, but even sugar-free chocolate is delicious. (I’m actually eating some right now, hehe.) YOU ARE THE NICEST.

  3. I received a very old & battered copy of The Penguin Dorothy Parker! Dated 1973 & discovered in a charity shop, I’m delighted with it: Part 1 is directly taken from The Original Portable as arranged by DP in 1944, while Part 2 contains later stories, reviews & articles – wonderful!

  4. I received a copy of ‘Factory Girls’ from a friend; it’s about two workers in industrial China, and it looks like it’s going to be super interesting :)

  5. Hi! I didn’t receive any good books for Christmas. Although, I did get an Amazon gift card so I can buy a few. Yay! Thanks!!

  6. Another great giveaway, Martha! I already got a Christmas present from you so I won’t participate. :) Most of my Christmas presents were books, just the way I like it! And that book journal is fantastic! where did you find it?

  7. I gave my mom some Christmas romance books this year…they looked so good! So busy, I stopped reading a couple years ago, and am just ready to start back up! So excited

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