Month: October 2015

Thought Questions, #253-#259

Prayer flags(Photo by Alvaro Saco via Unsplash)

#253: When should you reveal a secret that you promised you wouldn’t reveal? When the good of the reveal outweighs the bad of your broken promise (for instance, if someone’s life is in danger).

#254: How would you spend your ideal day? Reading, snuggling with the cats, dinner and movies with the husband, lots of sunshine and tea…actually, that’s how I try to spend most of my days off!

#255: What is the one primary quality you look for in a significant other? A sense of humor! Uptight people annoy me.

#256: What do you admire most about your mother and father? I have answers that I’d rather not put on a public blog.

#257: What is the best advice you have ever received? When a door closes, stop banging on it. I think knowing when to quit is very hard, and yet so important—sometimes things are just not meant to be, and trying to achieve them will only cause you more stress and unhappiness as you go on.

#258: If you could live forever, would you want to? Why? Yes, because I’d have time to finish my massive TBR pile! (Of course, there are conditions on this, such as staying young and fit so I could read and enjoy myself. It’d be no good to live forever if you withered away and couldn’t enjoy all those books.)

#259: If you had to be someone else for one day, who would you be and why? I can’t really think of anyone. I think I’m happy being me. Though for a single day, being someone really rich would be nice—think of all the good you could do with unlimited funds for a day.

What I Read: September 2015

September was kind of a mediocre reading month for me. I had two great reads and everything else was kind of middling! I find it interesting that the bulk of my three-star reads were New York Times bestselling books or authors. I even had a couple of back-to-back DNFs. Read on for all the mini reviews and don’t forget to friend me on Goodreads!


Giveaway: ‘The Martian’ by Andy Weir (paperback)

The MartianHappy Friday readers! One of the biggest sci-fi flicks to hit theaters this year is The Martian, based on Andy Weir’s wildly popular novel of the same name. Since the movie is hitting theaters this week, I’m giving away a paperback copy to one lucky reader–all you have to do to enter is use the Rafflecopter widget below!

The novel is told from the point of view of astronaut Mark Watney, one of the first humans to set foot on the surface of Mars–and now, perhaps the first human to die there. Stranded after a freak accident separates him from his crew, Watney is believed dead by everyone back on Earth, and with only a few emergency supplies his chances of survival are slim to none. But he has some MacGyver-style tricks up the sleeves of his spacesuit, which he puts to good use as he fights to get home.

The giveaway is open internationally through October 11; everyone can earn a freebie entry, but you can also earn additional entries by leaving a comment or following on my social media channels (I especially recommend following on Bloglovin’, so you don’t miss out on future posts and giveaways!). Good luck!

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On my mind: October 2015

John Lennon quote(Original photo source: Autumn Mott via Unsplash)

October is kind of the official start of the holiday season here in the U.S., and the next three months always seem super-busy, with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s lined up in rapid succession. Not only do the holidays add a flurry of activity to our lives, they have a big impact on my work schedule—hello, overtime!—and they occur at the same time as the husband is already swamped with schoolwork. It’s supposed to be a season of fun, but it can feel more like a season of stress.

Recently the husband and I were talking about our lack of leisure time and he remarked that when he does get the chance for a bit of relaxation, he ends up feeling slightly guilty for using it to play a video game (he’s an avid XBOXer) or watch TV. It ends up feeling like “wasted time”, when he could be doing something more productive, like working ahead on a school assignment. I’ve felt the same way about spending a Sunday morning reading magazines in a bubble bath instead of tackling a home project. But really: if you’re enjoying yourself, isn’t that the whole point? What you’re doing might not look important or productive to someone else, but if it helps you relax and enjoy a bit of your day, then I think it’s fine.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for being lazy. Read a book! Take a walk through the leaves! Try a new hobby! But don’t feel bad for those days when you spend an hour on Pinterest or binge-watch a favorite TV show. Taking time out to just breathe and relax is important. It helps you better navigate the stresses of everyday life, job demands, and more. There’s nothing wasteful about that!