Month: June 2016

Unpopular bookish opinions tag

Unpopular bookish opinions tag

(Original photo by Lou Levit via Unsplash)

I first saw the “unpopular bookish opinions” tag over on Two Book Thieves and couldn’t wait to answer the questions! Like any rabid bookworm I have a lot of opinions about what I read, and while everyone talks about the books they love, we usually don’t spend a lot of time talking about the books we don’t love. (And for good reason—no one likes a Negative Nelly. But sometimes, you have to let it out!)

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What I read: May 2016

May 2016 was a very mixed month for me, book-wise: I had everything from DNFs and one-star books to some really great, thick thrillers. I do think I should get a prize for only setting aside one book as a DNF this month (yay!) though I was very tempted with a couple of other titles! Read on for mini-reviews and don’t forget to look me up on Goodreads!

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