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Go where you feel most alive

Go where you feel most alive: finding work-life freedom

Since it’s #selfcaresunday I thought I’d chat about something that’s been on my heart for awhile now. One of the biggest acts of self-care you can commit is to take a hard look at your life and make bold changes as needed. It’s not always as fun or Instagrammable as bubble baths and wine; sometimes it’s hard or even scary. But if you don’t chase what sets you on fire, you’ll never really live.

I wrote last week about the difference between surviving & thriving, and how I spent so much of my twenties doing the former. I don’t know if it’s because I’m turning 30 this summer or if the planets aligned or what, but the past several months have been a wild ride of things crystallizing for me.

For me, a big area of my life that needs bold change involves work/life balance. I changed jobs last year and that’s been a huge step, but it isn’t enough.

There are things I wanted to pursue in my early twenties, but somewhere in the years of “growing up” I never really chased those dreams. I wanted to find some way to turn my passions into a career I could love, not just a job I could tolerate. But I also wanted freedom from the 9 to 5–freedom to travel, to be creative, and not to bend to someone else’s expectations.

In my early twenties I daydreamed business ideas. I wanted to spend long mornings writing and making art. (I even dabbled in writing & editing as a job for a while, but I gave it up when I thought I needed to spend more time on my “real” job…which turned out to be a dead end!). I applied for a job as a photographer’s assistant (but didn’t get it). For a while I thought about going to school to become a nutritionist because food & recipes have always fascinated me. I completely forgot that I wanted to enroll in yoga teacher training until someone told me recently that I inspired them to pick up yoga again.

So why the hell didn’t I become a hiking cookbook writer yogi (or some such combo)? I really don’t know. I told myself those things weren’t “real” career paths, or I was just crippled by my own self-doubt.

But here I am, several years older, and still wanting those same things. So now, I’m going to pursue them. More time on my passions. Time investing in work that will free me tomorrow, not just feed me today. Freedom to do what I love (like hike in the mountains!). I don’t know yet how I’m going to get there but I’m determined to leave my desk and go where I feel most alive.

What about you?

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