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    #30before30: explore diverse art

    #30before30: explore diverse art
    (photo by Dmitry Ratushny via Unsplash)

    I’m checking in super-late on a Wednesday for a very short #30before30! As I’ve gotten to the end of my twenties I’ve made an effort to explore more diverse art and entertainment options. Books, TV, music, and more—there’s a lot more to be enjoyed than what’s offered through mainstream channels.

    I don’t say that to sound like one of those hipsters ranting about how all mainstream movies or books are trash. But if you never get out to the fringes, you’re going to miss out on a lot of really great items. The fringe is where diverse voices thrive—different cultures, different viewpoints than what you might be used to hearing. This is also where you’ll find the indie artists that lack mainstream exposure, but are no less talented.

    Finally, exploring more diverse art means getting out of your comfort zone. For example, maybe you strictly stick to reading a certain genre of fiction. Try short stories, nonfiction, or just a fiction genre you don’t normally touch. For me, I’m trying to pick up more nonfiction books, since I usually just stick to fiction. I’ve been surprised by the memoirs, essay collections, and historical exposes I’ve enjoyed. (If you have more to recommend, hop over to Goodreads and let me know!)

    You could also try just exploring a different type of art from what you usually enjoy. It could be a gallery show of paintings instead of photography, or a documentary film instead of a written piece. You get the idea.

    Exposing yourself to more diverse art and entertainment doesn’t just keep you from getting bored. It’s also a way to learn more about topics or issues you otherwise might not encounter.

    So with all that in mind, I want your recommendations! I’m open to anything: books, movies, music, any kind of diverse art you think would help me broaden my horizons a little. Leave me a comment and let me know!