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    Our road trip to the Oregon coast was amazing in so many ways (and I’m excited to tell you all about it, in a series of posts starting later this week!), but it didn’t go very smoothly. Less than twenty-four hours in we were stranded on the side of the highway south of Portland. We had left late in the evening after work the day prior, had a rough night in a less than stellar motel, and discovered we’d given the wrong house key to the petsitter; breaking down seemed like the final insult when we’d only just begun our trip. After having the car towed to a local shop my partner and I decided to walk the dog to a local park to blow off some steam.

    I’ll willingly admit I wasn’t in good form that day. I was tired and grouchy, and grumbled to my partner, “I wish we’d never come on this trip.”

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    World Mental Health Day 2018

    World Mental Health Day

    Today  I jumped online to post a selfie for World Mental Health Day. It’s a decent snapshot, and it shows me on one of my good days. I’m camping on the beach in Oregon with my partner and my dog, enjoying the sunshine, taking hundreds of photos, and enjoying life.

    But this picture doesn’t tell the whole story.

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    Hello Oregon, how I’ve missed you

    Hello Oregon

    I’m so thrilled to have returned to Oregon for a week! It’s been years since I last visited the state and many more since I made it to the coast to camp. My partner and I spent a week traveling across the state and if you follow me on Instagram then you’ve probably seen my photos and videos of the coast; I’m going to be posting more photos and stories here on the blog over the next couple of weeks. (If you haven’t already, now is a good time to sign up for newsletter updates so you don’t miss a post!)

    In the meantime you can also check out highlights on my Instagram page or check out some of the road trip tunes I was blasting in the car!