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Things I Love About Fall TAG

Apparently I was tagged for this post by reading it over on Paperbacks and Polish! So instead of just listing my faves in the comments, I decided to post them here as a new blog post. You’re tagged now, so tell me your faves in the comments or in your own post! Ready, set, go!

1) Favorite Fall lip product?

I’m mostly a balm girl, but when autumn hits I start craving vampy lips. Wet n Wild Mega Last lip sticks come in some great deep berry shades; the color payoff is amazing, and they’re really cheap.

2) Favorite Fall Nail Polish?

Right now I’m loving grey polishes!I just picked up Zoya Evvie, and I can’t wait to try it–it’s a lovely grey-green hybrid. I’m also really into holographic and duo-chrome polish right now.

3) Favorite Starbucks Fall Drink?

The pumpkin spice latte, of course! Sipping happily away for years.


4) Favorite Fall Candle?

I actually don’t burn a lot of candles because of the cats. But I do love all of the autumn scents from Bath and Body Works and I usually try to find a candle that smells like pumpkin pie for autumn gatherings.

5) Favorite Fall Scarf or accessory?

I have a beautiful printed fall floral scarf that I bought at Romy a few years ago. It’s lightweight and oh so lovely.

6) Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?

Can I say, none of the above? I’ve never been! But this year the hubby and I are going to try to check out a corn maze, so I might have some fun stories to tell about that later on!

7) Favorite Halloween movie?

Not a huge fan of Halloween movies; too many are not scary enough. If we’re talking horror in general, the last one I watched was ‘The Woman in Black’. Poor Mr. Max had the misfortune of napping on my lap during one jump-inducing scene, and I actually got so startled that I jumped up shaking him and screaming. For some reason, he prefers napping in his catnip lounger now.

8) Favorite candy to eat on Halloween?

I CAN’T CHOOSE! I’m a huge chocoholic, so anything chocolatey = happy me. Reeses, Twix, and Milky Way bars all make me extra-happy, or anything dark chocolate. I also love candy corn. And this year I picked up a bag od pumpkin spice Hershey’s kisses, which aren’t chocolatey but are really, really, good–they taste just like pumpkin pie.

9) What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

I don’t know yet! This will be the first time in five years that I’ll be home for Halloween, as opposed to working. Last year I dressed up as a pirate and went to work in costume; no one else even bothered dressing up. Killjoys.

I might recycle the pirate costume this year but I’m thinking of doing something more elaborate, since my work costume couldn’t involve heels, makeup, or a wig (for safety reasons). Right now I’m kind of torn between a mermaid and something steampunk.

10) What is your Favorite thing about Fall? 

The smell. I love the food, the colors of the leaves, the fashion, on and on–but there’s something about the smell in the air during the fall months that just can’t be replicated any other time of year.

My eight favorite pieces from the new Lana Del Rey H&M collection

The new H&M fall/winter collection starring Lana Del Rey is finally here, and I’m obsessed! I think it’s safe to say that I would wear almost every single item in this 46-piece collection, but since that’s obviously not feasible, I thought I’d highlight my eight personal favorites!

1. The long white coat with faux-fur trim. I love everything about this piece, from the faux-fur detail to the asymmetrical zippers. If I had to buy just one piece from the entire collection, it would probably be this one! Coat, $49.95.

2. Everything Lana is wearing in this picture below is awesome. The metallic boucle moto jacket is such a hip fusion of business and party and I could see dressing it up or down. Jacket, $29.95.
3. A peplum top? Yes, please, when it’s this pretty. Blouse, $17.95.
4. How about that fuzzy white miniskirt? It would be my party-worthy fun buy for the season. Skirt, $34.95.

5. I love this twist on traditional shift dresses; I think you could make it very ladylike or very femme fatale, depending on what you added to the outfit. This one has a tweedy texture with faux-leather detail. Dress, $19.95.
6. This sweater is another not-so-basic basic; it’s a cable-knit sweater, but the peachy hue and slouchy fit make it very modern at the same time. Sweater, $19.95.

7. Okay, what would a collection be without some shoe candy? I think these burgundy pumps could be your jewel-toned go-to party shoe for the rest of the season. Shoes, $49.95.
8. Remember when I said that every girl needs a pair of nude pumps? Well, here’s that pair. Shoes, $34.95.

Unfortunately for me they STILL haven’t opened an H&M store in my town–one has been under construction in the mall for the better part of the summer, and last I heard it was due to open this fall, but I haven’t heard a firm date. I’m hoping it opens up by the end of the month and will stock this full collection, because I just can’t wait to see these pieces in person!

Fall trend: cuff bracelets

Loved the cuff bracelet trend that dominated spring and summer? Good news: it’s hot for fall, too. Check out these tough-to-sweet options for your fall wardrobe.

1. Pyramid Leatherette Cuff, $9.50, Wet Seal
2. Linked Stamped Cuff Bracelet, $9.80, Vanity
3. Feathered Cuff, $6.80, Forever 21
4. Patterned Cuff, $18, Maurice’s
5. Zad Are You Up For It? Silver Cuff Bracelet, $19, Lulu’s
6. Chain Magnetic Premium Bracelet, $12.80, Vanity
7. Rock Collection Silver Cuff Bracelet, $11, Lulu’s
8. Ornate Filigree Stretch Bracelet, $6, Charlotte Russe
9. Gem Stone Bracelet, $9.50, PacSun
10. Cutout Damask Cuff, $4.80, Forever 21
11. Hammered metal cuff, $5.99, Wet Seal

Fall trend: cobalt blue

Think autumn is all about rusty reds, muted browns, and earthy  neutrals? Think again. This year, the season is getting an electric kick courtesy of cobalt blue, the latest “it” color.

This season cobalt is being used to amp up your neutrals or–surprisingly–as a neutral itself. Either way you work it, you’ll definitely stand out in a crowd.

1. High-Rise Seam Stitch Trousers, $19.80, Forever 21
2. Velvet Pleat-Toe Platform Pump, $32.50, Charlotte Russe
3. Mossimo Multi Slub Wrap, $14.99, Target
4. Crystal Fringe Necklace, $20, Maurice’s
5. Cut-Out Sleeve Pullover Sweater, $32.50, PacSun
6. Tie-Front Polka Dot Top, $24.80, Vanity
7. Lattice Waist Skater Dress, $26.50, Wet Seal
8. Velvet Smoking Flats, $16.90,
9. Brash Arrow Crossbody, $16.99, Payless

These autumn fragrances are tempting me…

Do you change up your fragrance for a new season? I have a couple of Bath and Body Works fragrances that I’m die-hard crazy about, but I usually add a new fragrance or two into my rotation to get into the mood of a new season. This summer, I was all about citrus; for fall, I’m thinking of trying this “Fall Traditions Trio” of lovely scents: Dreamy Vanilla Woods, Honey Autumn Apple, and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.

The trio of 3-oz. body lotions is just $10 at BBW (regularly $16).  I think that pumpkin one would smell so good! I still haven’t used my BBW BOGO coupon for this month, so if I like one or two of these scents, I suppose that would be a good opportunity to purchase full-sized versions.