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My Zoya promo order arrived!

My Zoya order (from the 2014 Color Your World promo) finally arrived! I ended up ordering three extra polishes to get the free shipping, so I now have a total  of six lovely polishes waiting to be worn. Zoya is my favorite polish brand–the formula is great, the color selection is massive, and the polishes are all vegan–plus they release tons of trendy new fashion colors each season that you won’t find in the drugstore.


I tried to order with an eye toward the polishes I’ll want to wear this spring and summer, rather than snagging more glitters and “winter” polishes. To that end, I grabbed “Charisma”, a neon orchid shade, to fit with the Pantone color of the year: Radiant Orchid! I also picked up “Darcy”, a warm yellow, and “Destiny”, a coral PixieDust that I’ve been craving since last summer. I think both of these colors will make great pedicure colors once the weather warms up.


I also picked out three wild card colors. I don’t normally go for blues, but “Song” was too pretty to pass up. “Purity” is a solid white that should be great for nail art, while “Rue” is a blush nude from the spring “Natural” collection that was just recently released.


Here are some shots in cooler light. I think you can see the shimmers in Song a bit better. I’m wondering what Charisma will look like on the nails, because it’s insanely bright even in the bottle! I’ve heard it has a semi-matte finish, so I might have to use a high-gloss topcoat with this one.



Now the swatching begins… :D

Nail polish swatch: P2 Opulent

Here’s a quick swatch of a new nail color I got for Christmas! My friend Katrin sent me another bottle of P2 Sand Style polish from Germany. This one is called “Opulent” and it’s a dark blue-green liquid sand loaded with teal microglitter. It dries down to a matte gritty finish, but like my favorite Zoya liquid sands it’s a fairly smooth sand, not a bumpy one, so I didn’t bother adding a top coat.

There’s a barely detectable shift to purple at the edge of the nails, but I don’t think it really showed up in these photos. This is the first time I’ve encountered a holo liquid sand, so I’m pretty thrilled with it! I think you can see the purple a bit more at the edges of the polish bottle, if you look closely.


Polish swatch: Essence Chic Reloaded

The other day when I was checking out Christine’s weekly polish picks over at MakeUp Guinea Pig, I saw she’d swatched a polish that looked quite familiar–Chic Reloaded from Essence, which I actually managed to pick up a few months ago and then never remembered to test out! So I thought I would swatch it to see what it looks like in person.

Chic Reloaded is a metallic steel grey with a purple/green shift. Depending on the lighting, it may appear to be a very dark grey, a deep shimmery jade green, or a smoky purple. Unfortunately the color shift is not very strong and if you’re not looking for it, it will probably just look like a dark grey polish. Here in natural light you can see a small amount of the color shift, but once you’re in artificial light I feel like you have to really look for the duochrome to see it. Altogether, though, it is a nice autumn/winter polish, and super-cheap too–I think it’s about $2.

I tore a nail at work this week and ended up cutting them all down to nubbins (I hate having long nails and one shortie in the mix!), but I’ll give myself points for being more faithful to my cuticle cream, so at least my knuckles and cuticles don’t look so ragged this week!

Busy Girl Nails Fall Nail Art Challenge: Week 4: Orange

Today I did a quick manicure using Julep ‘Ingrid’, a glossy pumpkin orange creme. One of the newer Julep formulas, this has a middling wide brush and a formula that’s just a tad thicker then their older polishes, so it’s not nearly as drippy. I felt it had good coverage at two coats but if you’re very picky about your nail lines, you might want to use three for extra coverage. I’m not usually big on orange but I love this autumn polish!

(My hands and cuticles are sooo torn up this week! Yikes!)