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Nail Polish of the Month: August 2013

Wow, this summer has flown by! I’ve really been neglecting my monthly polish picks and I completely forgot to post a swatch of this color when I received it in my June Julep Maven box. Payton is a beautiful bright Kelly green creme with a super-shiny finish; it almost makes me think of a jelly polish because of the finish, but it’s opaque in two coats. Adding a third coat will make the color a little darker.

Julep Payton retails for $14 ($11.20 for Mavens) through It is vegan and free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene and DBP.

Julep Maven June ’13 box

I’ve been skipping my Julep Maven boxes all spring, but when I saw this month’s selections I knew it was time to splurge. Why? Because one of the polishes included is named Martha…and it’s a pale pink (my fave)…and June is my birthday month! Happy birthday to me! I also thought a Maven box would be a good way to treat myself for hitting the end of my spending ban without buying any makeup. (Although, I have to admit–it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be, after the first week or two was past!)

This month’s theme was “Sail Into Summer”, with a palette of Nantucket-inspired seaside colors. It was hard to pick just one polish set, because all of the colors were so gorgeous! But I finally settled on Classic With A Twist, which included Martha (a pale pink polo creme) and Kennedy (a khaki creme). As an add-on I picked Payton, a kelly green creme from the “Bombshell” box.

This was the worst week ever to try to do nail swatches–I’ve been painting and generally not taking care of my hands lately, so my cuticles are in rough shape. But you get the idea of how these colors look against my skin tone. Kennedy is a nice nude, though I think I need something with more peach in it to suit my skin tone. It would be really gorgeous against really dark skin! Martha is a cool-toned pale pink. Both of these polishes were opaque in two coats and had average drying time. I didn’t get a chance to swatch Payton yet, but I already have a feeling she’s going to be June’s polish of the month, so you’ll get a chance to see her next week. :)

This month, Julep added a tube of their new DD Creme to the Maven boxes. They’re really playing up the “DD” part of this product, calling it “delightfully dewy”, “daily defense”, “dramatically different”, “damage diminishing” and “dynamic do-all” makeup. This product retails for $36/1-oz. tube ($28.80 for Mavens). I’m not a big fan of BB creams so I’m not sure how I’ll like this stuff; my initial impression of it is that it’s going to be way too “dewy” for my combo skin, and while it makes my skin look really nice, I do still need concealer for my undereye circles and the redness around my nose. I’ll post a full review with pictures next week, once I’ve had time to properly test it.

So that’s it for my June Maven box! Did you get a Maven box this month? If so let me know, because I’d love to see your swatches and hear your thoughts on the new DD Creme.

If you’re interested in becoming a Julep Maven and getting a box with $40+ worth of polish and other goodies every month for $19.99, you can sign up using my affiliate link here. (I earn reward points when you sign up using my link. If you’d rather not use the affiliate link you can go directly to to take the style quiz, browse the FAQs, and sign up!)

Belated Totally Doable I Have A Life April Nail Art Challenge: Day 25: Gold/silver

For some reason I thought we didn’t have to do the gold/silver nails until today. Oops! Better late than never, I suppose.
I wanted to show off the gold shimmer in this peachy polish with a gold design on top, but I’m not sure it turned out quite the way it looked in my mind. I think there wasn’t enough contrast between the two polishes to really make the design stand out. Anyway, it was fun to try something different!

Totally Doable I Have A Life April Nail Art Challenge: Day 19: Mint

Are you guys tired of seeing this color yet? I know I’ve been wearing it a lot lately! To perk up a minty swatch of Flower Beauty Thistle or That?, I added accent nails in Julep Sasha, my favorite spring coral.
Can you believe the crazy amount of shine on my nails? I’m using my new Julep Freddom Polymer top coat and loving it! It really does make nails look like they’ve got a gel topcoat; the shine is outrageous and it protects them from dings and chips, so I know my manicure will stay looking fresh for my movie date with girlfriends tomorrow, even if I do tear my hands up at work tonight.